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Sunday was one of those days that started off not so fun and then turned into a very chill day. Me and Kev spent the morning running errands and food shopping, being an adult is seriously glamorous. We threw around the idea of possibly doing a picnic in the later afternoon but decided it was too hot and we wanted to just sit on the couch and do mostly nothing, for once. It was the first weekend in a LONG time that we had no set plans and we had no problem spending the rest of the day not doing much of anything.

We did take a break from the exhausting task of being glued to the couch and watching episodes of Big Bang Theory on DVD to make pizza together! I had been hounding Kev to finally make a Hawaiian pizza because its my favorite, especially in the summertime. I used this recipe for the sauce and it was tasty but I would probably use a little less cayenne next time since it was pretty spicy. We bought dough from a local pizzeria and got to work:

IMG 4408

IMG 4409

Nacho kept wondering if he was going to get to have a slice:

IMG 4418

IMG 4415

IMG 4419

We also brush our crust with a little olive oil and it always comes out nice and crispy!

IMG 4420

I promise, this pizza is just as good as it looks. Pineapple is even more nutritious on pizza if you didnt know!

Since Kevin also had off on Monday night, I ran 5 miles on my lunch break and all I have to say is that pizza is the best running fuel 🙂

I was ready for some serious veggies when it came to dinner time…yet another random but delicious dinner. I scrambled egg beaters, spinach and a little cheddar together:

IMG 4421

I took this picture pre ketchup, didnt want to gross you guys out by the ridiculous amount of ketchup I like to inhale with my eggs.

On the side, a heaping pile of roasted broccoli with a side of tzatziki sauce:

IMG 4423

I also made some chili lime roasted chickpeas to have around as a snack..I only ate a small handful tonight but excited to eat them throughout the week:

IMG 4426

I didnt really measure things too much but I spread a large can of chickpeas onto a baking sheet and roasted them at 400 degrees for around 30-40 minutes…I stirred/flipped them around every 15 minutes. I then tossed them in 2 tablespoons of olive oil and sprinkled chili powder, lime juice, cumin and salt to taste. These are such a yummy crunchy healthy snack to have around!

And since we are the picture of healthy around here always, me and Kev went for buy 1 get one free frozen yogurt!

I was just amazed I got him to eat frozen yogurt instead of a banana split 😉

IMG 4427

Rainbow sprinkles make me happy, I need them in my life more often. What a better way to start my week?

Tell me…

Whats your favorite kind of pizza?