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Nowadays it truly feels like the calm before the storm…I have so many different things coming up for the rest of the year and so while it may seem not so eventful now…things are going to get crazy! Between my Outside Sales Rep (basically my boss) about to give birth, a trip to Ocean City, MD with Kevin’s family in August…CHICAGO MARATHON in October (!!!!) and the Bahamas in December(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), my head is spinning a little thinking about it all 😉 Team in Training is starting to make their travel arrangements so it feels so REAL now and I’m excited, nervous and scared at the same time. 

BUT the good thing is that with all this fun stuff on the horizon, I am happy and smiling each morning. How can I be sad when I’m so thankful for everything I have in life? 

Today was fairly uneventful, and that was absolutely ok with me. I hit the gym this morning for 30 minutes on the stairmaster (oh how I missed/didnt miss you!) 15 minutes on the arctrainer and 15 minutes on the elliptical…rounded out by 15 minutes of upper body weight training. It feels like its been a while that i’ve had a really good sweaty cross-training session so I was happy 🙂

In otherwise shocking news, I did have something other then an Almond Butter and banana sammich for lunch…I had tuna in a pita pocket…its essential for the tuna to almost be overflowing out of this baby:

IMG 4428

Served with a side of delicious pineapple:

IMG 4429

Summer makes me have an intense love affair with so many different fruits!

Dinner was a mixture of things I havent had in a while…first up was an english muffin pizza using some of the leftover pizza sauce from sunday:

IMG 4430

The sauce definitely made this 200% more delicious then normal.

I also had honey roasted sweet potatoes…I cant believe how long its been since i’ve had a sweet potato, a whole 2 weeks and I was having withdrawals:

IMG 4431

You know I can’t end my day without froyo. Funny story about this flavor is that I picked this up last week…I thought I was grabbing the strawberry banana flavored froyo and I was totally wrong. I whined to Kevin about how much I was not going to like this flavor and amusingly enough, I absolutely LOVE it!

IMG 4432

I was sure I was going to hate this because I’m only a fan of fresh cherries and not the artificial tasting cherries but this is really yummy…if you like cherries, give it a try!

My TNT mentor informed us that we are going to be having a sports nutrition conference call at the end of the month with Nancy Clark and I’m SO freakin psyched! When I first started running, I read her book Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook and it really helped me figure out how to fuel properly especially while in training for my first half-marathon. I’m incredibly excited to hear what she has to say about marathon nutrition…I know my eating could be so much better, I just need to focus harder on getting the right ratio of nutrients in. When you fuel your body properly for endurance running, it makes a world of difference.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m ready to curl up in bed with my new book…I just finished up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I was intrigued by her other works so now I’m getting into Dark Places…its interesting so far! I love how many books i’ve been reading lately, I’m on a roll and not planning on stopping anytime soon 😉 I’ve always been obsessed with reading but as i’ve gone through my 20s, I’ve slacked off here and there…its like an old friend I needed to rediscover again and now I’m hooked.

Tell me…

Any new flavors of froyo/ice cream you’ve tried that you loved?

What kind of books do you like to read, if any?