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My weekends usually go by way too quickly but this one was even worse then usual because I had SO much planned that the weekend really did FLY!

Friday night was my 10 year high school reunion…my high school class planned a dinner and out of 42 graduates, we had about 15 people attend. I know that sounds measly but it was actually a pretty decent showing 😉 I had a great time catching up with the girls and I hadn’t seen some of them since we actually graduated back in 2002. Its so incredibly crazy how quickly the years fly by…we had a really fun night of it. I was hoping someone would post their pictures by now but they havent and I didnt take any pictures with all the excitement of the night but I’ll post them as soon as I have some 🙂

I didn’t get to bed till almost midnight so you can imagine how sleepy I still was when I woke up at 6:45…ugh. I had 11 miles on the agenda and for once, it wasnt ridiculously hot out…it was actually nice and breezy so I rather enjoyed it. I also biked for 12 miles afterwards. I made smoothies for both me and Kev as soon as I got home and I think he’s officially a smoothie convert…slowly but surely I’m reeling him in 😉

I drove up to my parents later on because my cousin Sofia from El Salvador actually attends graduate school in the states now and since she’s on summer break is doing a little bit of traveling. She was only in NJ for a few days but I wanted to hang out with her for at least a night so I planned to take her out for dinner and drinks with my other cousin Dino. We went out for sushi first and it was SO yummy!

IMG 4442

IMG 4443

IMG 4444

I hadnt had seaweed salad in so long so it was a must this time around. The first roll was called “The Iron Lady” and it had a bunch of things that I cant really remember but I can say it included cucumber, lobster and tempura crunch…the second roll was a Spicy Lobster Mango roll and its pretty obvious that i’m obsessed with lobster huh? 

Dino ordered a roll called “God’s particle” which had some crazy stuff in it but he basically wanted to order it for the name…haha

IMG 4445

He also ordered fried ice cream, which I stole a bite of 🙂 its been forever since i’ve had any of that as well!

IMG 4446

We headed out to Hoboken Biergarten afterwards to have some drinks and chill out…we didn’t stay out too late since both me and Sofia had to be up early but it was a great time!

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Sunday was busy because me and Kev had tickets to a Yankees game! It was my first time attending one and we had a great time…despite the humidity and 90 degree heat 😦

IMG 4454

IMG 4453

IMG 4452

IMG 4451

p.s. popcorn and cracker jack are a must!

IMG 4449

IMG 4450

Suffice to say, I was pretty beat by the end of Sunday from my busy weekend but it was one to remember…Summer 2012 is turning out to be super awesome so far 🙂

I woke up on Monday to a text that my Outside Rep’s water had broken so she was going into labor! What a crazy way to start the week huh? I’m happy to say she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today!

Work was crazy, as expected with her out of the office but I made it through…I think the 5 mile run on my lunch break definitely helped, haha

I knew I wanted eggs for dinner, I usually have them on sunday morning but since we had slept over my parents, I didnt have my usual eggs over easy. I had never tried to make them at home before but i’m so happy to say that they came out really great.

IMG 4456

Served with a lightly buttered whole wheat english muffin. Yes, its necessary to have a pile of ketchup almost as big as the egg on my plate.

I also had a side of roasted broccoli, of course. I was dying for some veggies in my life:

IMG 4457

Andddddd its not a perfect night without a cup of fro-yo!

IMG 4459

Phew, I’m beat…its off to bed for me. Tell me about your weekend in the comments!