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I love how I get to sleep so early on Fridays sometimes and can still grumble when my alarm goes off the next morning. I went to bed around 9:15 friday and woke up around 6:45 to head out for my long run on Saturday. I tried to push my fears out of my mind and just decided to go with the flow. I filled my camelbak with Gatorade G2 since I had some in the fridge and also brought some of my Clif ShotBlocks…i’m SO excited to say the run went really well!! I wasnt in much pain afterwards and put my compression socks on after I was done icing my ankles. I’m still terrified of ice baths but I’m not thinking about those until I start getting into those 18-20 milers 😉

I made myself a spinach/egg white/cheddar wrap and ran errands for a lot of Saturday. Long run days are so difficult because it always throws my hunger cues off…never fails. I never really get that hungry but start to notice myself getting weaker and crankier and then I know I need to eat even if i’m not hungry. This happened to me on Saturday…I didnt eat much as I was waiting for Kevin to get out of work because we were heading up to my parents for my brothers birthday party and I knew they would have food there so I wanted to wait. Well, Kev didnt get out of work until 10:45 and by the time I picked him up I was cranky as all hell. Kevin was worried because he knew I wasn’t feeling well but as soon as we got to my parents I scarfed down a burger and a small piece of chicken and I felt much better. My brother’s birthday party was fun and ran VERY late into the night and i’m always th ebest blogger ever because I didnt take any pictures!

Sunday me and Kev headed back to the apartment early so we could get our food shopping done ASAP. We bought tickets to see the Dark Knight Rises at 2:45 so we got to relax a little beforehand and then headed to the theatre.

Candy is a must when it comes to movies for us:

IMG 4490

The movie was awesome but so so long! We didnt get out until almost 6 but it was well worth it. I’ve really enjoyed Christopher Nolans take on Batman in his trilogy, he did a stellar job. 

We headed to an Italian Carnival that had been running all week long nearby because we wanted to check out the food. It was pretty small but really cute, especially if you had kids, it was a nice spot to be. We even ran into our friends Tommy and Jen and their two little ones while wandering around:

IMG 4491

IMG 4492

IMG 4494

And yes, Zeppoles are a must at these things and I’m always eating healthy here so I had to be a good example 😉

IMG 4495

I had three of them and even that was overkill…I felt a little nauseous from all the friedness and sugar so I think next time i’d need to only have 2 instead, haha. Crazy how my body has adapted to eating healthy 75% of the time, eating stuff like this affects me much more then I expected.

We were debating grabbing dinner there but Kevin has been wanting to try out Texas Roadhouse and we didnt see anything at the carnival that really tickled our fancy so we headed over to the restaurant shortly after:

IMG 4497

IMG 4499

The atmosphere was fun and the food was really good, so I’d say it was a success. They brought us out these soft honey rolls that I was dying over to start:

IMG 4498

I also started with a small caesar salad with the dressing on the side. I like caesar salads once in a while but I cant stand it when places drench it in dressing so i always make sure to order the dressing on the side:

IMG 4500

I went for the pulled pork dish…it was fabulous. I didnt touch the bread but ate every french fry…yup, that eating healthy thing is working out just fine.

IMG 4503

Kevin wanted me to show you that he yet again, ordered the ribs. I teased him about being obsessed with ribs and he didnt realize it until I started pointing out that the last gagillion times we went out he ordered them. He’s too funny:

IMG 4504

After we overfilled our tummies, we headed home to laze on the couch and watch True Blood. Perfect Sunday Funday!

I suppose all the friedness from Sunday made for perfect fuel for my 5 mile run today because I breezed right through it…and i’m happy that this Monday just breezed on by. 

And to further exemplify the fact that I am a creature of habit, my dinner tonight probably looks awfully familiar to you..

IMG 4505

That would be because its essentially the same dinner I had last monday. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite!

I’m ready to laze on the couch some more…so here’s to the start of a new week. Tell me about your favorite part of your weekend in the comments!