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My mind’s all over the place today so I just decided to be as random as possible with my post…Bear with me here, just feel comfortable in knowing that poor Kevin gets the brunt of my ramblings ๐Ÿ˜‰

Workout this morning was 30 minutes on the stairmaster…that section totally kicked my butt today, I had to pause a few times to grab some water and catch my breath! I also did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and a short 15 minutes upper body strength session.

So my new Hello Kitty air freshener is making me pretty happy…and it makes my car smell like strawberries, you really cant go wrong with that.

IMG 4506

Dont worry, I wasnt driving while taking this picture, I have a short attention span, no way I could take a picture and drive at the same time.

I keep a notebook in which I track the mileage that I’ve run in my runnin shoes…its my first time doing this, I used to just guesstimate! But i’ve found it really helpful…and yep, guess who is in need of a new fair of shoes already?

IMG 4512

You might be shocked, but I’m actually branching out with my lunch this week…today was pepper turkey, swiss and hummus in a wrap..I had to include a pickle for good measure.

IMG 4507

Is it weird that I really like some kind of crunch to my wraps? Maybe it was too many crunchwraps from Taco Bell in the past? (Taco Bell is still one of the few fast food places I eat at occasionally!)

I’m realizing that I’m incapable of chopping onions very well. It always starts out well and then turns into a complete mess. Someone teach me their ways please?

IMG 4508

As if you didnt already know how much of a creature of routine I am…I made the same dinner tonight as I did last Tuesdayย except I added more parmesan because that was necessary in my head:

IMG 4510

I balanced it out with an extra handful of spinach…so filling and delicious with plenty left over for later this week ๐Ÿ™‚

I haven’t had Dove chocolate in a while, but this one drew me in…so ridiculously good:

IMG 4509

Why did I wait so long to try sea salt chocolate? The one combination that I fall to pieces over is sweet and salty ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow is 7 miles tempo on the marathon training plan…at least it seems like it’s going to be cooler and less humid then last week. One could hope. I’ve been reading so much on ice baths recently to try and decide if its necessary soon…I’m still undecided! I think i’m going to ask my coach with TNT what he thinks. It seems to be one of those issues that runners are really split on. All I know is that ice has been my savior throughout my injury recovery but the thought of having to sit in an actual bath of it for 15 minutes makes me miserable.

Gametime decision I suppose…all I know is that I felt pretty sore from my 14 miler yesterday and maybe it wouldn’t have happened if I went for the ice bath. Hmmm.

Ok, if you are still here and reading, I commend you. I’m sending you a dove chocolate as we speak.

Almost halfway there!! (through the week, obviously)

Tell me…

Are you good at chopping vegetables or do you hate it?

Whats one random thought of the day for you?

Parmesan cheese, yay or nay?