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I was under the impression that saturday would be an easier run then last week, considering it was only 12 miles and I’ve busted out 12 milers more times then I can count…I was sadly mistaken. The humidity was at 98% when I went out at 7:30 am on saturday and it killed me. About 2 miles in and I was already tired and miserable. I used my Nuun tablets for the first time but didnt notice a huge change in how I felt. I was completely soaked by the time I was done…I’m talking even my socks and sneakers were wet. I felt beat up and discouraged as I walked inside. Yes, I finished it…but it doesnt make me feel confident about the 16 miler I have coming up next weekend…and it definitely made me feel scared about the whole 26.2 distance. I was lamenting this to Kevin but he reminded me that I shouldnt be so hard on myself. As a runner for years now, I already know that there are good days when it comes to running and bad days…this was just one of those bad days. I choose to look on the bright side and know that if I can survive this summer of marathon training, I will be strong when it comes to my fall marathon. Keeping the faith! 🙂

I had to rush around a little after my run since I had to head down to get my hair done at my aunt’s salon…I am so happy now that my hair is all one color (it was like 4 different colors when I walked in there, ha!) and my hair is getting LONG! so happy!

IMG 4525

My bestest friend Caroline and her boyfriend Ron came over and Nina came as well…we went out for dinner and drinks at a place near my apartment. Its been forever since I had a dirty martini and it was delicious 🙂 Caroline had a sangrini…I didnt taste it but according to her it was nothing too special 😉

IMG 0834

IMG 0835

We came back and Kevin was out of work already so we watched a couple episodes of Big Bang theory together…we also realized Ron and Kevin were matching so we forced them into taking this picture:

IMG 0836

The two of them together cracks me up 🙂

Sunday we met up with Kevin’s parents early for breakfast…it was sooo nice to see them because I havent hung out with them since the 4th of July! Me and Kevin always say how lucky we are because we both absolutely adore each others families…it makes life so wonderful because I’ve been in relationships where I didnt get along with my boyfriends family and it sucked!

Ahhhh, the healthy breakfast of champions:

IMG 4528

Biscuits and gravy are essential marathon training fuel….just ask the Olympians that are going to run the marathon soon 😉

We ran errands for a while afterward, such a fun time. BUT my friend Ally and her boyfriend came over to BBQ so we got to relax the rest of the day and it was perfection. I also made pasta salad that I could probably eat 10 pounds of:

IMG 0838

And Allys boyfriend made this hot sausage and spinach appetizer..it was freakin delicious (plus you all know i’m a sucker for spinach)

IMG 0837

We got to use our charcoal grill for the first time in a long time. It makes such a difference in taste…the burgers we had were YUM!

And so we start another week…I was feeling a little sore from my long run on saturday, which I found amusing. I will definitely be forcing myself into an ice bath this weekend…marathon training is tough work apparently.

I’ve never tried Rainier cherries before but they are so colorful and were on sale so I bought them this week…wow, so delicious. I cant decide if I like these or regular bing cherries more:

IMG 4529

I might say bing cherries because I feel like you get more bang for your buck…but these were a nice little treat!

I’m ready to catch up with the Kardashians on my DVR right now (ba-zing!) hahaha…but tell me all about your weekend in the comments!