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How long will you guys let me get away with this title? 😉 I’m obviously the most creative person in the world right?

I cant help it, sometimes I have the randomest things to share and I’m hoping I havent forced you to close your window just yet, haha.

This morning was 30 minutes stairclimber, 30 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes upper body strength. I really need to invest in some new gym pants because I swear that some of my pants dont even wick away sweat anymore. Case in point, by the time I was done with the cardio section of my workout, it pretty much looked like I had wet myself. TMI maybe? I’m sure the people in the gym staring at me thought so too. Good thing it takes more then that to embarrass me.

I’m making granola tonight and I happily bought the biggest jar of oats I’ve ever owned:

IMG 4530

2 lbs of old-fahioned oats…thats a TON of granola! I’d love to start making my own oatmeal at home when it gets colder out…considering i’ve done it the lazy way with instant oatmeal over the past 27 years?

Reason #3,456,217 not to get a cat?

IMG 4531

You guys have been warned…and in case you were wondering, yes…that is a scratching post right next to the couch. Our futile attempts to save our furniture and apartment.

I’d like to proudly say that its been over 2 months now that I havent bitten my nails. Its been a terrible habit since I was little and the only way I could stop myself is by actually painting my nails…and um, usually that doesnt last very long because the whole i’m a lazy bum factor figures in. But this is the longest streak I’ve had ever so i’m pretty psyched:

IMG 4537

Dinner tonight was pretty simple since the granola took longer then I wanted and I was too hungry to really care:

IMG 4533

Whole wheat english muffin buttered, one egg over easy and a pile of sauteed spinach with parmesan. Not pictured is the bowl of ice cream i’m going to inhale soon.

I have 7 miles on the agenda tomorrow…its supposed to be speedwork but after checking the weather I have a feeling its going to turn into an easy run 😦

Screen shot 2012 07 31 at 7 37 29 PM

I’m still feeling pretty traumatized from the humidity on Saturday. Pray for me please.

I hate to leave you guys so quickly but there is a TNT Sports Nutrition Call (with Nancy Clark!!!!) that i’m going to be jumping on in a few minutes. I completely forgot about it until this morning and then that made my Tuesday seem ridiculously exciting (i’m a super geek about this stuff)…I’m thinking she’s going to be impressed when I tell her that my nutrition plan of attack for the marathon includes peanut butter cups, froyo and wings….pretty balanced to me 🙂


Tell me…

Do you make your own oatmeal on the stovetop or do you go for the instant?

Whats a bad habit of yours that you’ve either broken or would like to break?