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This morning did not go as planned.

I woke up ready for my 7 mile run, headed outside…it started to rain a little. No biggie…but then my iPod shuffle stopped working all of a sudden. I’ve run without music before, but when its in crappy weather and I have to run over 4-5 miles, I’m just not into it. I ran back inside my apartment, hoping to hook the iPod up and fix it, but nothing happened. At this point, I knew it was getting too late to head out and make it back in time to get ready for work so I climbed back into bed, feeling aggravated and anxious. I’ve been so mentally used to running in the morning lately that it just feels plain WEIRD trying to leave it for later in the day. That what was what I was going to have to do though 😦

And wouldnt you know it…my iPod started working a little later in the day. Thank you Apple. 😉

I need to start stocking up on 3 or 4 bags of spinach a week because my wrap certainly felt empty today 😦

IMG 4538

I did try it with a new hummus I bought though…that I’m still not entirely sure if I like or not. I’m incredibly smart since I know i’m not the biggest fan of artichokes…I guess i’m the biggest fan of spicy or lemony hummus.

IMG 4545

It was raining for most of the afternoon but lo and behold, it stopped raining by the time I got home…I guess an early evening run was just in my cards today? The humidity was much lower then this morning so I was thankful for that. & miles done and done!

I didnt really know what I wanted for dinner but ended up throwing honey roasted sweet potatoes into the oven….and I smelled something burning around 20 minutes later. The cats were nice enough to turn the oven up to 500 when I set the knob on 400. Dont ask me why they like to jump around the stove at times but they do…and so I had semi burnt potatoes for dinner:

IMG 4539

I also had a couple scoops of hummus with chips…and yet I still cant decide if I like it or not, haha.

I also inhaled some animal crackers with PB…yep, i’m a 5 year old at heart:

IMG 4541

IMG 4544

I try to convince our nephew Colin to have a goldfish cracker sharing party with me all the time but he’s like me in that he doesnt like to share them, go figure. 😉 Maybe he’ll take some animal crackers in place of goldfish crackers?

So lets talk a little bit about the Sports Nutrition call with Nancy Clark. It was a good call, but basically went over a lot of information I had already known:

IMG 4546

I had read her book years ago when I was training for my first half marathon. Its really informative about the balance of nutrients in your diet and how you should be constructing your meals. It helps a bunch with how to fuel and recover properly and also how many calories you should be taking in if you are active.

Her suggestion on how to figure out how many calories you should be eating:

Estimate your resting metabolic rate (RMR)

This is the number of calories you need to simply breathe and be alive. You want to multiply your healthy weight by 10 calories per pound. If you are significantly overweight, use an adjusted weight….a weight about halfway between your desired weight and your current weight. So if you weigh 160 pounds but your healthy weight is 120 pounds, use 140 as your adjusted weight. So, if 140 is your adjusted weight, you would need 1400 calories to simply exist.

Now, add more calories for daily activity apart from your purposeful exercise. If you are moderately active, add about 50% to your RMR. If you are sedentary, add 20 to 40 percent. If very active (in addition to purposeful exercise) add 60 to 80 percent to your RMR. 

So if you work a desk job, you would want to add 20 percent to the 1400 calories. You’d add 280 for a total of 1680 calories for maintenance…without exercise factored in. If you burned 500 calories a day from purposeful exercise, then you would need 2180 to maintain your weight. To lose weight, subtract up to 20% of your total calorie needs. 1744 calories would be a good weight loss daily calorie allowance.

I dont really count my calories anymore but I remember doing this math when I was first starting to come back from starving myself and I was amazed at how MUCH I was really supposed to eat!

She also put a lot of emphasis on eating the bulk of your calories throughout the day so that by dinner you have essentially “ruined your appetite” so that you arent eating SO much at night. Its not that eating at night makes much of a difference, but she talked about how many people tend to starve themselves throughout the day and then binge throughout the night. It makes sense!

I’m hoping tomorrow morning goes a little more smoothly then this morning 🙂 5 miles easy on the agenda tomorrow!