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We have so much to catch up on so lets get to it shall we?

Thursday was date night, one of my favorite nights of the week 🙂 Kevin was working nonstop all last week so it was nice to unwind and spend some time together. He had gift cards to Old Bay in New Brunswick so we decided to put them to good use. I used to come here all the time for drinks with Caroline back when we first moved to Milltown but its pretty rare that I come here now…its a shame considering their food is delicious and they have a fun selection of drinks!

We decided to start off with a pepper shrimp appetizer, as well as jalepeno corn cakes and a cajun caesar salad that we split:

IMG 4547

IMG 4548

The shrimp were good but I’d say the corn cakes were average…those kind of things are usually hit or miss for me because its way too easy for cornbread not to have much flavor.

Thankfully our entrees were completely full of flavor…Kevin went for a Kobe steak (I tried a small bite and it was sooooo good!)

IMG 4551

And I had salmon in a bourbon glaze with succotash and their jambalaya…i’m a sucker for their jambalaya 🙂

IMG 4550

I was so full that I only ended up eating half and saving the rest for lunch on friday. I have an intense love for leftovers 😉

Friday I had my usual chiro appoint for an ART session with my doctor…by the way, my pain is immensely better and I definitely am a believer in the treatment. I’ve also been having cramping issues in my back during my long runs and he’s been helping with adjustments in my neck and back. He definitely holds me together a little better against the rigors of marathon training.

I had 16 miles on the agenda for Saturday and I was nervous all day on Friday about it. I was feeling a little sore and just overall tired by Friday and didn’t know how I was going to feel Saturday morning. I hydrated well and went to sleep early, hoping for the best in the morning. I felt good and I was hopeful about how it was going to go. The humidity was still pretty brutal…I was soaked within the first 5 miles. However…I felt strong up until I got to 12 miles. Thats when the heat and humidity REALLY started to get to me. All I could think about was the sun beating down on my head and how I wished I hadn’t forgotten my visor at home 😦 I was chugging water throughout, but still felt off. I had taken shot blocks at mile 7 and was going to wait until mile 13 for another one but ended up scarfing the second one down at around 12.5 miles. It helped but I was still feeling exhausted…I’m happy to say that although it was tough, I finished the full 16 miles. I did feel slightly delirious when I walked inside and believe me…nothing sounded better then an ice bath at that point. I scarfed down a banana and a few glasses of water and proceeded to make myself some hot chocolate to sip while I was in the bath. I also changed out of my sopping wet clothes into a fresh pair of shorts and my new TNT hoodie that I received for my fundraising efforts so far!

IMG 4552

Now here comes the funny part. I was filling the tub up but realized the water wasnt as cold as I had expected…it seems the pipes werent doing a great job at spurting out cold water and the water felt lukewarm. I had only bought one bag of ice even though Kevin thought I shouldve bought two…I thought one would be plenty. Lo and behold…the ice melted completely and while the water was nice and cold, it was nowhere near what an ice bath should be. So…lesson learned. Either way, the cold water felt amazing and I sat happily in the tub for 10 minutes while sipping my drink:

IMG 0841

My face looks incredibly happy, right? 🙂 Its mostly because I was in pain..my quads were pretty trashed. I foam rolled for a while after my bath and it felt so ridiculously good over my sore muscles. 

I think you are going to hear me say this a lot in the next couple of weeks…but i’m completely humbled by marathon training after that run. I guess it never fully registered with me how tough this is…but its tough! I’m proud of myself but scared as anything for the 18 and 20 mile runs looming around the corner 😦 My only solace is that the heat and humidity are contributing to how incredibly difficult some of these runs are. I’m hoping the weather cooperates a little better for the remainder of training but who knows!

I was wiped but Kevin had taken off on Saturday so we could attend a charity event thats important to him and I mustered up whatever energy I could and went with him. It was even hotter then before but at least I could sit down and eat at the event…in the shade of course 😉 There were lots of familiar faces and children running around…it was a nice time:

IMG 4573

IMG 4570

IMG 4555

IMG 4554

IMG 4556

IMG 4559

IMG 4561

Unfortunately we didnt win any of the fun raffles but it was fun hoping 😉 It did end up raining and thundering a little so me and Kev started to head home. I convinced him to come with me to pick up wings for dinner later and also to brush up a little on our shuffleboard skills…he kicked my butt, as usual, haha.

IMG 4576

The wings were delicious though, it made the whole day worth it 😉 We hung out on the deck together, talking and listening to music. It was a great, relaxing night.

I woke up on Sunday and my quads were still sore…but I have to say I felt much better then I thought I would. I had DVRd the womens olympic marathon and settled in on the couch to watch it:

IMG 4580

IMG 4582

Desi Davilas story broke my heart a little…I remember reading a feature on her in Runners World a couple months ago and they were raving about how high their hopes were for her in the marathon..unfortunately, she has been battling a hip injury for the past few weeks and she had to drop out of the race after a few miles on the course. I hope she BRINGS it in the next olympic games!

Sunday was more humid then Saturday so I was happy I didnt have to run in that…yuck. We had plans to hang out with Kevins family for dinner…we ended up going to the pool by his sisters house and hanging out for a bit before it started to rain…despite the rain, it was a really nice time and I’m always excited to spend time with all of them 🙂 Especially this not-so-little guy…

IMG 4588

I cant even!! He makes me melt everytime I see him, haha. You can’t resist those rolls and cheeks, I tell ya.

Phew, I think I covered all the major points of my weekend. I’m excited for a new week…and hopefully a cooler one! I did 5 miles easy on the treadmill today and I’m happy to say my legs are feeling pretty decent. I never thought I’d be so happy to say I only have a 14 mile long run this weekend! I’m trying not to think about the 18 miler on my plan for next weekend…gulp.

Tell me about your weekend in the comments!