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I could probably say that was the theme of Saturday for me…I felt discouraged because when I had woken up, the windows were steamy yet again. No bueno. I still had hope that it wouldnt be that bad so I got ready with a smile on my face….my prerun snack definitely helped with that:

IMG 4603

I’ve been experimenting a lot with different things that I eat pre-run and this is by far my favoritest option. I’ve had everything from a banana with PB, to an english muffin with nutella and PB, bagel flats with cream cheese…none of them are as easy on my stomach as this one. Whole wheat english muffin drizzled with honey and topped with shredded coconut. Perfection. I can thank Julie’sΒ blog for the bright idea!

14 miles in the humidity sounded like a death march but it really wasn’t bad at all. Last week I felt tired mentally and strength wise and strong foot wise and this week was the opposite…energetic and strong but sore foot wise. I decided to take another stab at an actual ice bath afterwards. This time I used 2 bags of ice and it was much colder and while yes…it sucked getting into the bath, it felt pretty amazing after I got used to it. I dont think I would find them remotely enjoyable in cold weather…but in this nasty stick summer, I could get used to them πŸ˜‰ I made Kev keep me company while I sipped on my hot chocolate…not bad at all.

The rest of the day was mostly spent with me running errands and doing food prep to visit my family on Sunday. My sister surprised me with flowers when she came over because she read my blog and saw that I was having a bad week…I think Kevin could learn a lesson or two from her hahaha:

IMG 4604

I was in the mood to watch a certain movie after listening to a certain vinyl all week…I dont think it gets much more exciting then watching Dirty Dancing on DVD with my sister on a Saturday night:

IMG 4605

Patrick Swayze was every bit as sexy as I remembered…swoon!

Sunday we visited my parents and got to spend time with my preggo cousin who is visiting and my Aunts and other cousins…it was a fun little group of us πŸ™‚ I also was productive with working on TNT fundraising stuff, I’ll have a little update for you tomorrow! The day was really nice and chill and although the summer is starting to wind down, I’m glad I’m able to squeeze in this family time on these last summer weekends!

So we begin another week…I’m trying not to think of my 18 miler that is scheduled for this weekend and am focusing on how strong I felt for my 5 miler today….i think all the ice cream and black bean quinoa burgers I noshed on yesterday helped with that one πŸ˜‰ 5 miles done on lunch break…it wasn’t nearly as humid as it has been outside today so I’m hoping the rest of this week might not be soooo bad!Β 

I think Mondays never feel as bad when I get to spend time with Kev after work like today πŸ™‚ He decided to contribute to the healthiest dinner ever and brought home Southwest Eggrolls from work to share…evil, wonderful man that he is:

IMG 4606

I worked some greens in there and made myself a small side of broccoli:

IMG 4607

And to round off our healthy night, a fro-yo outing was a definite must:

IMG 4609

IMG 4610

I’m addicted to Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a topping, yum!!

I’m feeling so much happier this week…I’m glad my blues are done with. For once I can say Happy Monday πŸ™‚

Tell me about your weekend in the comments!