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Southwest eggrolls make decent fuel because I felt like I was powering through my workout this morning. It is making a little sad now that its dark when I’m heading to the gym 😦 30 minutes on the stairclimber, 30 minutes on the arctrainer and 10 minutes of upper body weights was a perfect start to my morning.

It went a little downhill from there…I’m having a little trouble seeing eye to eye with Nacho sometimes and this morning was probably the worst. Because he lived with my parents for a few years, I feel like he probably sees my mom as the one who is ultimately dominant over him because from time to time he will growl and snap at me…case in point…when I leave for work, I walk nacho first and then let him climb into bed with Kevin until he has to go to work. I usually go to kiss Kevin goodbye to leave and he can sometimes get feisty with me because he gets protective. Usually I talk to him gently and he’ll stop and calm down…but I went about it the wrong way this morning and tapped him on the nose to get him to stop…he snarled at me and I went to stupidly try to close his mouth without thinking and he nipped me hard. I’ve learned by now that being aggressive is not the way to get him to calm down but I got really upset after because it hurt and I started crying…not the best send off to work. 😦 Nacho has been a learning experience for me and its rough because at this point, he’s old and kind of set in his ways. I love him to death but I think he’s convinced me not to get another chihuahua for a while…lol.

I brightened up when I got to work because I got a really nice card from my Outside Rep and figured that the day was going to get better from there…ahem, not so much. Work was SUPER stressful today..I didn’t end up taking lunch until really late in the day. If there’s a bright side to being so busy its that it makes the day go by ridiculously fast. I felt a little more cheered up when I had this delicious nectarine with my lunch:

IMG 4611

I also decided to spoil myself and buy a jar of this today…sssshhhh, don’t tell Kevin though, I’m pretty sure he’d have a heart attack if he knew how much I spent on it..

IMG 4612

Soooo expensive but sooooo worth it!! I have a giant jar of Maranatha in the fridge from Costco but I like using that for my granola making so I’ll probably use this when I want to make myself a super delicious sandwich. Some girls like spending a lot of money on shoes…some like spending a lot of nut butter, I’m a little bit of both 😉

If that didn’t cheer me enough, these sure did:

IMG 4614

Anything that is Almond Joy flavored is a winner in my book.

I mentioned yesterday that over the weekend I was busy with some TNT stuff. Well, I was working on sending out another batch of fundraising letters and also updating my fundraising page here.

I’m less then 2 months away from the marathon, I can hardly believe it. I was telling Kev over the weekend how much marathon training has really taught me about myself. Its a crazy cycle of breaking your body down, healing and becoming stronger, and then breaking it down all over again. I ran 14 miles a few weeks ago and it was doable, but tough. I ran 16 miles the week after that and it was even tougher. I ran 14 miles last weekend, and it was much easier then the first one a few weeks ago. I know this 18 miler this weekend will be tough, but it will make my 16 miler next weekend seem like a piece of cake…at least thats what i’m hoping 😉 I never realized how eye-opening of an experience this would be but it really is. I’m so incredibly grateful to have the most phenomenal support system in the world. I have the best friends and family a girl could ever ask for…despite the physical challenge of this experience..the love that I feel and have been given is just…so amazing that there is no words for it. I’m very blessed 🙂

So…speaking of marathon training, I have an 8 miler on the schedule tomorrow morning. Yet another humid morning but I’m ready for the challenge. My dinner of quinoa with spinach and goat cheese will help, i’m sure:

IMG 4613

As will the ice cream i’m about to consume. Here’s to the end of a semi-terrible day 😉