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It was still pretty dark out when I woke up at 5:15 am…le boo! I miss the days where it was sunny out at 5 am, it made running in the mornings a lot easier.

Either way, it was humid out but I did 8 easy miles. I don’t say this enough but I adore the running community. I pass tons of runners throughout the week during my runs and we all smile, nod and wave to each other even though we don’t actually know each other. We’re all bonded together by this crazy sport known as running. While other people might find us insane for running through heat, cold, rain and snow…we all understand each other. We have a willingness to suffer for our love…its a funny thing 😉 

Thats probably why a lot of us like to sign up for races besides the fact of challenging ourselves. The atmosphere is always electric and fun! I’m super excited to see how Chicago is going to be…The biggest race that I’ve ran so far was Rock and Roll Philly back in 9/2010…it was 25,000 runners and Chicago is 45,000 so it should be interesting to say the least!

I’m ecstatic to say that today was much chiller then yesterday, thank gosh. I did have some stuff going on with work but it wasn’t the headache inducing stress kind 😉 

I love munching on these for a snack. My strategy is to pick out as many glazed walnuts as possible:

IMG 0843

Lunch was a protein filled one…sundried tomato tuna on a sandwich thin:

IMG 4615

Spicy mustard is my favorite with this…I had a nectarine on the side as well. I don’t eat tuna much but this flavor is one that I love to have once in a while.

I bought a box of this a couple of weeks ago…on Saturday night I made me and my sister a sandwich with them…I baked these in the oven, brushed them with bbq sauce and melted pepperjack cheese on it…it turned out awesome so I decided to use them for dinner tonight as well…this time I simply cooked them on the stovetop with a little olive oil and garlic:

IMG 4616

My BF Caroline is a vegetarian so when we lived together she used to love having these…I cant believe its taken me this long to try them but yum 🙂 I love the fact that they are soy-free as well. I obviously eat meat once in a while too…I don’t know if I could ever completely give up meat but I do tend to gravitate towards a lot of fish or vegetarian products. I guess I dont get a huge craving for meat…I’d much rather have a black bean burger then a regular burger most of the time..or a piece of salmon versus a steak…but when I AM in the mood for meat, nothing really satisfies me as much as the actual steak or burger. I’m a weird one!

I also microwaved a sweet potato on the side and sauteed up some spinach…a really filling meal for me:

IMG 4617

Yes, I had to take a bite before I took the picture, I’m seriously impatient.

YAY for the week being halfway over! 5 miles easy on the agenda for tomorrow and yet another humid morning, I’m ready for fall please!

Tell me..

Are you a big meat eater? 

What has been your favorite part of the summer so far?