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You know how I was scared of how much my appetite was going to go up once I started getting into higher mileage?

Yeahhh, that finally hit me yesterday.

I’ve said before that I’m usually not hungry the day of my long run but I’m starving the day after. I actually wasn’t super hungry either come Sunday and it surprised me a little. I woke up yesterday starving and felt that way for most of the day, lol! It took me a while into the day to realize why I was so hungry all of a sudden…duh, I guess running 18 miles can do that to a girl 😉 

For lunch I had half of a sandwich that I had leftover from Saturday…whole wheat with turkey, cheddar, pickles, hot peppers, lettuce, tomato and olives. i’m a sucker for subs, always!

 IMG 4650

I also had a banana and a nice sized handful of mixed nuts on the side. I was hungry around 2 hours later so I had a small serving of granola too 😉 

I was feeling slightly sore still from Saturday…it was mostly that my calves felt pretty tight, which I felt during my 5 mile run on my lunch break…I was rocking the compression socks as soon as I got home…I swear those things are miracle workers on my legs!

Dinner was leftovers from Sunday…I sprinkled a little pecorino romano on top and went back for a smaller second serving:

IMG 4651

I’m usually not the biggest fan of whole wheat pasta but this linguine is pretty darn good. 🙂

Kevin had a field day with some co-workers so he didnt get home until a bit later…as soon as he stepped in the door, I told him we needed some fro-yo in our lives…he was happy to oblige. That or he knows its not fun to deal with me when I’m hungry (helloooo cranky!)

IMG 4653

I call this creation 5 kinds of flavors with whatever toppings I could randomly throw in there. Artistic right?

I’m happy to say my hunger levels are pretty much back to normal today and so are my legs. I woke up and hit the gym for 30 minutes on the stairclimber, 30 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes of upper body weight training.

Its getting a little cooler out and less humid, YAY! I might have to start wearing a hoodie to the gym in the morning, crazyness.

I went back and forth all day about what to make myself for dinner and decided on what else…? Quinoa!

I changed it up a bit and threw chickpeas on top of the spinach and fresh parmesan I had thrown in…made for quite a satisfying dinner:

IMG 4654

I really need to force myself to eat chickpeas more, they always hit the spot when I add them into my dishes.

Work this week is stressful as per usual but it doesnt bother me as much when I have vacation to look forward to 🙂 I felt like the days went by so quickly leading up to this week and now they are dragging…it needs to be Friday already! 

Unfortunately my job is one of those jobs that things dont automatically get taken care of when you are out of the office so its adding to my stress about how everything will go when I’m gone but trying not to think too much about it…I can worry about that when I’m back to work next Thursday right?

Tomorrow is 7 miles tempo and i’m not complaining because for the first time in forever, the humidity will be below 90%. I’m dying of excitement over here.

And that makes for my exciting Tuesday night 😉

Tell me…

Do you have any vacations you are looking forward to?

Can you believe its nearing the end of August already?!

seriously..how is it labor day weekend next weekend??