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I felt strong when I woke up this morning. Thats usually a very good sign šŸ˜‰ I stepped outside and I couldnt believe how much later it takes for the sun to come up now, sadface! I was supposed to do 1 mile warmup, 5 miles @ 9:34 and 1 mile cooldown…I just couldnt get into the groove though. I eventually ended up just running at my own comfortable pace…oh well, not all runs can be that fantastic unfortunately. I did my 7 miles and I suppose thats the important part.

I had a good feeling about today but man…it was tiring. Things today were stressful as usual at work but I think I did a decent job at keeping my head up..I had a good lunch that fueled all the deskwork:

IMG 4655

IMG 4656

Tuna on a sandwich thin and honeydew chunks (We have a nice big bowl of them in the fridge thanks to my lovely boyfriend who doesn’t mind letting me be lazy from time to time…I didnt feel like cutting it this week, muahaha)

I’ve been getting into this book lately…I had my eye on it for a while now but couldn’t decide if I was going to actually get into it or not…I’m glad I picked it up. It took a bit to get into it but I’m thoroughly enjoying it now:

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Its a long book but I’m over halfway through and hoping I finish it before our trip, i’m a super fast reader so i’m sure its doable. I guess i’ve found that I really enjoy the horror/suspense genre. I havent read too many of Stephen King’s novels but I might look into them soon. I bought a few books for vacation as well so i’m excited to dig into them as well!

Its moments like these that make me feel my XM subscription is worth it:

IMG 0849

WOW, I giggled as soon as this came up. Its been forever since i’ve heard this, Lyte Funky Ones, you are lyrical geniuses.

On my last random side note…I’d have you know that I’ve been dutifully stocking up on essentials to bring on our trip:

IMG 4657

These are just my snacks for the car ride there…hahaha. J/kkk

I think we have all the essential food groups there…gatorade, mini-sodas, chocolate, almond butter, almonds, trail mix, swedish fish, granola bars, buffalo wing pretzel crisps? Yep, check!

Almost there, just a few more days!!

In even more exciting news, I made myself an egg salad sandwich and sauteed spinach for dinner…I’m nice and full now:

IMG 4659

Washed down with a cold brew:

IMG 4658

Cold Root Beer is one of the greatest things ever, just sayin.

Happy Weds! I’m off to cuddle up and read my book…and hope I dont fall asleep in the process šŸ˜‰