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Thursday morning was another perfectly cool one. I did 6 miles easy and I’m happy to say it went pretty well 🙂

It was a day that flew by at work, thankfully. I had an issue with my contacts and ended up having to leave the office early though. I wear disposable contacts and waited too long to change them out…my right eye was no bueno. I ended up wearing my glasses for the rest of the night…it’s better today, although not 100% better. I think it’ll be fine by tomorrow. Lesson learned.

Me and Kev had to run a lot of errands to get ready for the weekend so it was kind of late by the time we actually sat down to have dinner. Saladworks was the choice of the night…and yes, this is a repeat of the same exact dinner from 2 weeks ago. I’m a total creature of habit 🙂

IMG 4660

We did get to squeeze in a couple episodes of the Big Bang Theory at the end of the night. Winning date night in my book!

This morning my workout consisted of 30 minutes stairclimber and 30 minutes arctrainer, followed by 10 minutes of core work. I was going to go to spinning but decided I wasn’t in the mood. I wanted to continue reading my book while workout out 😉

We sadly ran out of honeydew so I wasn’t sure what to have as a side to my lunch. I grabbed an orange from the work cafeteria that I was so excited about but ended up being ridiculously messy when I peeled it…still tasted good though!

IMG 4661

After work today were more errands and packing…I’m pretty beat so I wanted something easy and carby for dinner. Need something to fuel those 16 miles tomorrow morning right?

You seriously can’t go wrong with grilled cheese:

IMG 4662

Pepper Jack and Swiss on sprouted wheat bread. Served with a side of baked sweet potato fries:

IMG 4663

This is gonna be a short post since I need to get to bed really soon and still have things I’m working on. I’m SO happy vacation begins tomorrow, I cant wait to relax and spend time with everyone. Happy Friday! I’ll try and blog when I can until Weds, but we will see how it goes 😉