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But before any talk of Ocean City…lets talk about my long run on Saturday.

I knew it was going to be more humid then last week but I was hopeful that the 16 miles on the agenda would go smoothly considering how my 18 miler had gone the weekend beforehand. I’m grateful to say it went better then my last 16 miler but it was still tougher then I expected it to be. Maybe its the curse of the 16 miles…but i’m thinking more along the lines that its the curse of the high humidity factor. I’m SO glad fall is just around the corner because i’m done with this craptastic weather.

So lets you catch you up to speed on our vacation in Ocean city so far..His family left before us on Saturday and got there early but me and Kev weren’t able to hit the road until around 12 pm…and we hit tons of traffic so didnt get there till around dinner time…it was raining all day Saturday but luckily Sunday and Monday so far havent been TOO terrible…

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IMG 0519

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I like to tease 😉 So here’s what went down on Sunday…

We had lunch after the beach with Kevins parents (thus the delicious crab cake sandwich and fries shared with Kev)…I wasn’t really in the mood to go back to the beach afterwards so I suggested to Kevin that we take a walk around and see the town. We walked for a while and it was soooo hot. Kevin kept looking around for possibly a bench in the shade to relax but we never really stumbled upon one. Finally after I needed to get to a bathroom, I suggested going into this restaurant/bar on the water to stop in for a drink and maybe an appetizer to relax. It was still hot on the deck but we had some clams together and they hit the spot:

IMG 4673

At this point, Kev told me he had bought me a ring and handed me a ring pop..which made me laugh because we have had a long running joke about getting engaged with these, so I didnt think much of it:

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We finished up and wandered across the street back over to the beach. Kevin told me he wanted to see how the beach was since we were much further down from where we were staying. We walked down for a bit and he took a stick and started writing slowly in the sand…and came up with this:

IMG 4676

IMG 4675

At this point I just started laughing at him nervously and said i’d think about it…and then he got down on his knee and brought out an actual ring..I hugged him and started crying and told him of course, and so yes, we’re engaged!!

IMG 4674

I had told him a while ago that I wasnt really interested in having a diamond engagement ring. I LOVE color and wouldve loved any kind of colored gemstone (emerald, sapphire, ruby..) so thats what he went for. He explained to me that the diamonds were from his grandmothers ring and his mom really wanted him to incorporate them into my ring. I felt teary eyed all over again because I already thought the ring was gorgeous but then it had even more meaning! He told me his mom had known and obviously helped him with picking out the design and that the only other one who knew was his sister and brother in-law on his side of the family. He told me he had called my Dad on Thursday and asked for his blessing and that my mom and sister knew as well. I called my parents right after and told them and they sounded soooo happy for us! I was so happy and so emotional 🙂 We headed back to the hotel to tell the rest of his family…his mom, sister, and everyone else were SOOOO happy for us! It was definitely one of the best days of my life so far. I dont think I could’ve lucked out with better in-laws…they are the best ever.

I think back to everything that i’ve been through and I couldnt be happier with the decisions that I’ve made. It hurt a lot to go through them..some of them were heartbreaking decisions that I wasnt entirely sure of. But my relationship with Kevin has solidified the fact that you need to follow your gut and your heart because they will tell you if its the right decision. I know that i’m with the person that I was meant to be with…there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind about that. I’m SUPER excited to plan a wedding with him and start our lives together! 

Suffice to say…this vacation has been amazing so far 😉