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Its hard saying goodbye to vacation! The past couple days have completely flown by. We had a lot of good family time including an adults only dinner with Kev’s cousin and his wife and my future sister-in-law and her husband 🙂

IMG 4685

(sunset behind us made taking a picture hard, haha)

We also noshed on some super healthy food as well…thats the standard on vacation right?

IMG 4684

Hands down the best donuts I have ever sampled!

Its also hard leaving vacation behind when you got so used to this over a few days…

IMG 4691

IMG 4688

IMG 4692

IMG 4696

IMG 4700

Beautiful 🙂

We had a wonderful time, we were definitely sad to leave….I will happily return to Ocean City in the future, it was a beautiful place.

Before we hit the road we went to lunch together at Mackys, a place recommended to me by a coworker. It was really cute and had outdoor seating right on the beach! A perfect send-off:

IMG 4701

We started with crab dip…cant get enough of the crab down there. 😉

I had a greek salad with blackened salmon…my body is always happy to see a salad:

IMG 4703

Kevin had a Carolina BBQ sandwich..he said it was delicious as well:

IMG 4702

We got home in decent time, much better then the drive down there thankfully. I was happy to see my sister and my pets when I got home 🙂 We chatted a bit about upcoming wedding planning and we’re all excited to begin…its going to be an interesting year to say the least.

I ran everyday for the most part on vacation so I didnt do too much damage weight-wise…I enjoyed every bit of food while I was away, I’m glad I didnt deprive myself. Vacations are all about letting loose a little bit!

Things were crazy at work while I was gone, which was expected. It took me a couple of hours to catch up but luckily it wasnt as ridiculous as I’m sure it could’ve been. I’m super happy that I only have to work for two days and then I have a 3 day weekend…these days off are working nicely 😉

I got 5 miles in on lunch…and trying hard not to think too much about the 20 miler I have this weekend…

I followed the seafood trend again for dinner tonight, lol! I had a saladworks salad with shrimp, onion, tomato, hard boiled egg and pepper jack…I can never get enough seafood:

IMG 4704

I’m a total creature of routine so I feel like I never have too much trouble getting back into it after vacation…it feels a little harder this time around since another holiday weekend is coming up but I’m going to try to do the best as I can. One day at a time!

Happy Thursday! How’s your week going? Can you believe its the end of summer already?