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Long weekends are the best, even if they have to start off with 20 mile runs πŸ˜‰

I woke up around 6 am on Saturday…nervous but hoping for the best. The weather was hotter then I wouldve liked (72 degrees) but what could I do but grin and bear it?Β 

Our message from our TNT coach this past week was about not getting discouraged by our first 20 milers. They are supposed Β to be tough. Your body is already getting tired from months of training and thats exactly how you prepare for the full 26.2. By the time its marathon day, we will be completely rested so it won’t be as tough as the 20 miler that is done after a full week of training. I set myself in my head for it to be a tough one. I’ve gotta say, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it couldve been…probably because I’ve seemed to get my butt beaten by my 16 milers πŸ˜‰ It was hot and tiring but I made it through in just under 4 hours. I did become nauseous by the time I walked into the apartment so I had to sit with my head in between my legs, breathing slowly to keep the room from spinning…I did drink a lot of water during the run but I still had lost 7 pounds of fluid by the end. I chugged down a coconut water and felt MUCH better. Kevin set up my ice bath for me (he knows the way to romance me) and it felt great. Summer ice baths arent bad…I’m sure winter ice baths feel like death though!

I was proud of myself though and gave myself a pat on the back. Kevin gave me a big hug too πŸ™‚

I went with my sister over to Caroline and Rons for some BBQ afterwards but more on that tomorrow since i’m awaiting pictures from Dema…yep, i’m the best blogger in the world with my picture taking.

On Sunday, me, Kev and Nina headed to my parents house first. I hadnt seen them since before Ocean City so they were excited to see my ring and give us their congrats! Kev and I also got to work on our preliminary guest list to figure out how big of a venue we will need to be looking at…fun stuff. I cant believe how big our families are when we combine them into a list….but hopefully we will figure out a way to make it work.Β 

Then we headed over to my aunt and uncles house since my cousin Dino’s girlfriend had organized a surprise birthday party for him. In actuality we headed to Caroline and Rons first to carpool πŸ˜‰ We don’t travel light either..

IMG 0577

It was a really good time though…Steph (Dinos GF) did a great job with her decorating and organizing. We also got to meet their new little puppy, Pepper!

IMG 0580

IMG 0581

IMG 0584

IMG 0586

IMG 0590

IMG 0597

IMG 0599

IMG 0603

Hmmm..maybe some screen doors were broken but we still had awesome time πŸ™‚

IMG 0604

IMG 0607


IMG 0608

IMG 0611

IMG 0614

IMG 0616

Thank gosh for Mondays off!

I was still feeling a little sore on Monday from my 20 miler so decided to do cross-training instead. After I dropped Kev off at work I headed to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on the stairclimber, 15 minutes on the arctrainer and 15 minutes of upper body weight training. I wish I could say my eating went well yesterday too but I definitely had some greasy food for breakfast. It was worth every bite of it though….I was more then ready to hop back onto the healthy eating train today.

The rest of yesterday was also spent researching wedding venues, ahhhh its only just beginning!!

My body was feeling better today so I was more then happy to hit up the treadmill on my lunch break. I got my 5 miles in but one of the treadmills at my job went wonky and shut off completely in the middle of my run. I’m SHOCKED I didnt go flying off and completely hurt myself but thankfully I was ok. I’m staying far away from the death trap treadmill from now on.

Dinner came together easily and quickly tonight. We picked up some chicken sausage at the supermarket on Sunday and we also thawed out some frozen chorizo we had on hand. I cooked them on the stovetop with a little cooking spray:

IMG 4710

IMG 4711

Then I made some whole grain pasta, stirred in a bag of spinach and used some garlic Ragu we had leftover in the fridge from Ninas stay last week…a pretty well rounded dinner if I say so myself:

IMG 4714

IMG 4716

The best part is the ton of leftovers we now have to munch on throughout the week!

In one last piece of amazing news…I have officially met my fundraising minimum goal for TNT!!! Over the weekend, my lovely new sister-in-law (!!) and her husband made a very generous donation and put me over my minimum! I remember being so scared in the beginning that I would never get enough donations in but this experience has floored me. Seriously, the support I’ve received has touched me and made my first marathon 100x more special then I ever could have imagined. I’m super excited for October 7th!

Wow, and so with the end of this weekend we are now at the end of summer. I think I could say Summer 2012 was one of my favoritest ever…too many reasons to even count πŸ™‚