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What a tease last week was weather wise huh? It was nice and cool in the mornings and not overly hot in the evenings…and then we come to this week, and we have a day like today. It was a 50% chance of rain and 97% humidity at 72 this morning at 5:30 am. You dont know how badly tempted I was to switch the schedule to tomorrow and just do 5 miles on lunch break and go back to sleep. I told myself that I need to get off vacation mentality though and be as dedicated as I always am. So…rather sluggishly I made my way outside for my run this morning. All I can say is thank gosh for my handheld camelbak. I was feeling pretty crappy throughout this run because of the high humidity…but it kind of feels like my body is getting used to these crappy runs so I decided not to let it get me down. It feels like speedwork is non-existant lately because of the brutal summer weather…and thats ok. I’m hoping to finish in 4:30 and i’d probably just be happy to finish 🙂 I have the rest of my life to worry about getting faster!

So now that my special guest photographer Dema sent me a few pictures from Saturday, I can chat a little about it 🙂 After my 20 miler, me and Nina got ready to head over to Caroline and Ron’s. Its been a while since i’ve gotten to see Caroline or Dema (I hadnt seen Dema since our memorial day BBQ!) so I was excited to hang out with everyone. Caroline asked me to show her how to put together black bean quinoa burgers so I happily obliged:

2012 019

2012 025

(Dont worry, I took my ring off before doing this, I mightve had slight separation anxiety, haha)

2012 031

2012 034

2012 035

I’m laughing a little over that big chunk of onion in the corner…our breath was fantabulous after these burgers. I’m glad Dema finally got to taste them too, she enjoyed them as well!

You know what goes perfectly with bridal magazines at a BBQ?

2012 036

True story…this is going to be a classy affair 😉

Saturday was a blast…so was the whole weekend, I loved it all (maybe even the 20 miler)

Tonight is the first football game of the season, I’m completely stoked. I have to get to bed earlyish but I’m looking forward to watching some of it. I’m REALLY looking forward to some JETS football on Sunday!

Dinner tonight was one fit for a champion:

IMG 4717

After a nice sized leftover portion of the pasta from last night for lunch, I was in the mood for something simple and not too heavy. This fit the bill perfectly. Protein+carbs=yay

LOVE how quickly this week is flying by, Happy Hump Day!