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You know how I said I was trying to keep up my early morning dedication this week? Yeah, yesterday I wasn’t feeling that 😉 I woke up at 5:30 but decided to climb back into bed in favor of running on my lunch break instead. It was a good decision, haha. 5 miles done and done. Hopefully next week I’ll feel back on routine!

It was date night so I suggested going to Chilis since Kevin gets a discount and I wanted to see the new redesign. Its looking pretty nice in there now, much more of a bar/football atmosphere!

I cant resist their fire grilled guacamole so you can guess what we started off with:

IMG 4719

IMG 4720

Ahhh, I love how you can see the blatant grease on those chips. I’m a picture of health.

I love love love their grilled chicken salad…its really simple but really good:

IMG 4721

And you can guess what Kevin had?

IMG 4722

At least he snuck that broccoli in there 😉

It was a nice chill date night, just what I needed after a few crazy days at work. Time with my fiance is always a good thing.

I hit the sack early in hopes that I would feel motivated when I woke up and it worked, I was up no problem at 5:15 and headed to spinning class. I rounded it out with 20 minutes of core work afterwards.

I have 16 miles on the plan tomorrow and guess what the weather looks like for tomorrow morning?

Screen shot 2012 09 07 at 8 02 16 PM

Where is the fall weather?!

I seem to have the worst luck with my 16 milers.

I decided to push away my weather sorrows and focus on carb loading instead. Yay for leftover pasta!

IMG 4723

Now i’m sitting back with a healthy dessert and watching Say Yes to the Dress with my sister…she claims its educational for me 😉

IMG 4724

I have a full weekend full of running, baby showers, football and checking out a possible wedding venue 🙂 Its time for me to rest up, haha. Happy FRIDAY!!