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That phrase rings true in more ways then one after this weekend.

It is officially less than a month until Chicago. Its hard to believe that we are in September already. I remember Memorial Day weekend and I was just beginning my marathon training and now its starting to wind down.

My 16 miler on Saturday was tough because of the humidity. Despite that, I feel like it wasnt AS tough as it couldve been. The humidity just kicks my butt and it always happens to fall on the days that I have to run. Without fail, the weather on Sunday is always perfect for running. I just keep telling myself that it will make Chicago seem like a breeze…all of this tough training will prepare me well for the daunting marathon distance. I’ refuse to be discouraged by the tougher runs…I know that I’m finally starting to feel ready to run the full 26.2. I’m stronger then I’ve felt in a long time (and more tired)…i’m actually going to run a marathon, its crazy!

After my run, I ice bathed and then got ready to head to my cousin Kelli’s baby shower. She’s due next month and she’s SO excited for the arrival of her baby. She’s one of those girls who has wanted a baby since SHE was a baby, lol. She’s always been amazing with kids and I know she’s going to be an even more amazing mother..it was a nice time 🙂 She got a lot of cute gifts, I’m sure it made her even more excited now:

IMG 0864

IMG 0865

The rest of the evening was spent on the couch…me and Nina decided a Buffy marathon was a pretty party-tastic way to spend our Saturday night:

IMG 0868

Well…that and getting psyched for the arrival of Football Sundays in our lives again!!

IMG 0869

IMG 0870

Even Nacho joins in the fun 😉

We had to wake up early on Sunday because we had an appointment with our first possible wedding venue! We picked up my mother-in-law and my dad also met up with us there. It was a really nice place and definitely an option…but also the first of many that we are going to see. (We have 4 appointments in the upcoming week as well)…again, it definitely made everything feel a little more REAL! Kev told me later on that it definitely feels like we are getting married now 😉 We are really happy and excited, I’m hoping to enjoy every moment of this as much as I can. You only get married once..(hopefully!!! just kidding though, he’s definitely the one for me).

You know what makes a Sunday absolutely perfect? A winning Jets football game and cheese fries, dont mind if i do:

IMG 0872

They were just as ridiculously good as they look. Carb loading!!

Why is it that when I eat the worst foods for me they always make awesome running fuel? I had a great 5 miler on my lunch break, thank you french fries (ahem, and that pizza that we had for dinner too)

Dinner tonight was a little healthier…is that greens that I spot?!

IMG 0873

I havent had broccoli in a while, it was a must.

Its beautiful fall weather out today…we turned our AC off and have the windows open and i’m still a little chilly. Its my FAVORITE time of the year!! Hoodie and boot weather is the best 🙂

Tell me about your weekend in the comments!