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For once the week seems to be flying by and I don’t mind one little bit!

Yesterday started with a trip to the gym at 5:30 am..and it was 50 degrees outside, BRR! Perfect hoodie weather now! I did 30 minutes on the stairclimber, 30 minutes arctrainer and 15 minutes of upper body weight training.Ā 

Work was a little nutty but nowhere near as bad as it could’ve been. I started a new book that i’m thinking i’ll be done with in .5 seconds…a nice break from the heavyness of the Stephen King novel I just finished:

IMG 0875

I originally bought it for beach reading in Ocean City but well..I guess I enjoyed socializing with Kevin and his family more then having my head stuck in a book like I normally am šŸ˜‰

I just felt so tired by the time I got home…but that mostly had to do with the terrible traffic on the drive šŸ˜¦ School back in session equals tons more traffic now on the commute…no bueno. I promised Kev that we would finally make a trip to Costco since it’s been forever since he’s been able to pick up his beloved string cheese and oversized Iced Tea mix…he was happier then a kid on Christmas. So was I because I love their cheap rotisserie chicken, it makes for the perfect quick dinner šŸ™‚

IMG 4725

While Kevin carved that up..

IMG 4726

I worked on putting a salad together. Into the mix went sunflower seeds, shredded cheddar, tomatoes and carrots:

IMG 4727

We tried out a new Annies dressing I bought but hadn’t gotten the chance to open quite yet:

IMG 4728

It was interesting, I enjoyed it! Tasted a bit like caesar dressing (the traditional kind, not the creamy kind)

IMG 4730

Yum! The rest of the evening was spent on the couch watching old random things on the DVR…need to make way for our Fall TV schedule šŸ˜‰

I won’t even complain about how cold it was this morning because i’d much rather run in 49 degree weather then crazy ass humidity. I love wearing my tights too, its the comfiest running outfit! I did 7.5 miles and loved every moment of it…I hope marathon weather is as cooperative.

You know how to seem like the coolest person in the world? Blast this from your car with the windows open while stopped in traffic:

IMG 0874

Since my birthday is coming up in a few weeks it totally reminded me of the 80’s prom party I threw for my 24th birthday…

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Yes, I DO still have that gem of a dress in my closet if you want to borrow it! I’ve gone all out for my birthday a few times and did fun theme parties but phew they are a lot of work so I haven’t had the energy to plan another one since my 26th…but this one in particular was a blast. My parents even like to join in the festivities, they are always good sports about it:

N8809901 42418669 8237

Maybe my Dad will bust this out for our wedding? I better not give him any ideas…

It feels like so much is going on this year with Chicago and the engagement that I haven’t even been thinking much about what I’m going to do for my birthday…I should probably make a decision on that soon!

We are halfway through the week, yay!!

Tell me…

Is the 80’s one of YOUR favorite decades?? (We can’t be friends anymore if it isnt)

Do you like to plan big things or smaller chill things for your birthday? Or nothing at all?Ā