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Yesterday was another wonderfully cool morning…6 miles were a breeze and I was even happier because I knew I only had to work a half day 😉 I took the afternoon off to go and check out another possible

Nwedding venue with Kevin, Mama Schaible and Nina!

Before we left, I made Kevin some cupcakes to bring to his meeting on Friday. He was celebrating 2 years sober…i’m so proud of him and so is everybody else:

IMG 4731

Sorry, box mix is where its at. I’ve made cupcakes from scratch before and they were good but not good enough to make me not want to use an easy Cake mix 😉

I topped them with homemade peanut butter icing..they came out delicious:

IMG 4736

Nothing says love like cupcakes!

The venue we saw was nice but we were ridiculously impressed by it…we have 3 more to see this weekend so hopefully we come to a decision rather soon. The fall dates are being scooped up so quickly.

At the last venue we saw, the lady we were working with asked how Kevin and I met. Its so funny, I feel like whenever anybody asks us this question we just look at each other and laugh a little. I don’t entirely know how to explain how we met…we just saw each other around town a lot and kind of knew who each other was. Kevin had lived in this town for most of his life and I had only moved in in 2008 with Caroline. Caroline and I knew this town was a little weird but cute so we mostly just kept to ourselves. We’d go down to the neighborhood bar (the Lion!!) once in a while and hung out but we didn’t know tons of people in town persay. I started to become friends with some girls from town and they  knew Kevin so I definitely saw him around a few times but I’m a complete space cadet and dont really pay much attention to anything 😉 There’s a funny story to me, Kevin and Caroline first interacting that still amuses us all…I had been broken up with my ex-fiance for a few weeks already…I wasn’t really looking for anybody but I was talking to guys that were all wrong for me. So me and Caroline were hanging around the Lion with a few friends one night and we kept trying to stick nickels into the jukebox (don’t ask) but couldnt figure out why it wasnt working. hahaha, Kevin was standing around, watching us and very amused…and walked up and said “here” and took out a dollar bill and stuck in the jukebox. Caroline and I sheepishly thanked him and he walked away. A few nights later I went back with another friend and I saw Kevin sitting there so I thanked him for helping with the jukebox and we..I suppose, officially started talking then 😉 We talked for a while before we actually started “dating”. But I like thinking about our beginning because although we both knew each other had a lot of issues…we still took a chance on each other. We knew that this relationship was it very quickly. We saved each other in different ways and we’re both happy and healthy now!  I’m so excited to see what the future brings.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff…moving onto dinner now 😉 We went to Outback altogether after getting back from the venue…I was starving and their bread is perfection…so was this mixed seafood grill dish:

IMG 4732


Kevin had the steak, which looked awesome:

IMG 4733

Not a bad way to end a Thursday at all!

Since I have a 20 miler tomorrow and I have to get up super early for it I decided I would sleep in a little today and work out on my lunch break. Best decision ever. I did 55 minutes on the elliptical on my lunch break, done and done.

I’m hoping the whole wheat french toast tonight helps for tomorrow as well:

IMG 4734

I don’t feel AS nervous this time around because A.) the wedding stuff is distracting me enough and B.) its going to be nice and cool tomorrow morning so it can’t be worse then the incredibly humid runs I’ve had to endure.

I’m off to bed, happy friday everyone!!