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I’m in a random mood right now so it’s time for another random post from me…I know you love these kind of posts most of all ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have a love/hate relationship with coffee…it tastes delicious and I enjoy it but if I drink it while i’m dehydrated it makes me feel terrible. For some reason, I was pretty dehydrated when I woke up yesterday morning and despite chugging down water all morning, I felt like a super jitterbug for most of the morning. I was all over the place in my head, I swear. I know that I’m like that even normally but this was x100…fun times. I went for a run on my lunch break and that seemed to help a lot because I felt much better when I got back to my desk. I guess in marathon training I need 5 gallons of water a day as opposed to my usual 3.

Remember back in June when I booked thatย bahamas trip?ย It had been stressing me out ever since we got engaged because I had no idea how we were gonna pull off saving up for a wedding and taking two vacations before the end of 2012. I started lamenting to Kevin about it and he felt the same way. I didn’t want to lose any money by canceling so I asked Kev if he would mind if I found out more information. The people were really friendly and told me that I could cancel it with no fees at this point or I could postpone it as well. Me and Kev talked about going there possibly for our honeymoon but finally decided against it. Both of us had something completely different in mind then the Caribbean when it comes to our honeymoon. We decided to cancel the trip and put the money towards our honeymoon. I can’t tell you what a weight it is off my shoulders right now! I’m glad we can continue saving, have no issues with Christmas presents and still have a vacation to look towards next September for our honeymoon!! I feel like its the smartest decision we could have made…I booked this trip for us before I knew when or if Kevin was going to propose and now that we set the date, it just doesn’t make sense for us financial wise.

In other wedding news, I bought this book the other day and I’ve been enjoying reading it so far:

IMG 4767

I wanted a really informative wedding book so that I could educate myself more on the traditions and customs of weddings…I’m really clueless in a lot of aspects. I read great reviews about this one on Amazon so decided to pick it up. There’s a quiz in the beginning that you can take that tells you what category of Bride you fit into…No shocker here, I’m a perfectionist bride ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know how I am so that made complete sense…I obsess over details all the time, haha.ย 

I’m still determined never to earn the title bridezilla though…I hope that I can be a semi-chill bride!

Kev and I picked up something we never have for dinner last night…

IMG 4764

Just kidding, this is the thousandth saladworks picture i’ve posted on this blog, enjoy!

I did try to convince him to go for sushi but he reminded me we should be budget conscious. He better not bring that up when I feel like eating wings every sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

Today went by pretty quickly i’m happy to say. I slept in and did 55 minutes on the elliptical during my lunch break. My appetite is catching up to me because I’ve been pretty hungry the whole day. Marathon fueling, woo hoo!ย 

You know what makes an almond butter and banana sandwich even better?

IMG 4765

Not that you can see it, but I drizzled honey inside. Delicious. I was also in the mood to show you my thousandth almond butter and banana sandwich picture. Thrilling Friday night for you readers!

I have 16 miles on the agenda for tomorrow and guess what? 100% humidity. Happy FALL to me huh? I’m convinced its the curse of the 16 miler. I despise them now!

I will leave you off with this true story parable:

I was walking Nacho after work today, minding my own business. As I was turning the corner, I heard yipping from close by. I saw a lady and her kids outside staring at a long haired chihuahua with no collar and no leash on…the dog was on someones lawn closeby and was barking her face off. The lady asked me if I knew whose dog it was and I had never seen her before so I said no…keep in mind there are WAY too many dogs around the neighborhood for me to ever keep track…I would remember a chihuahua if I saw one. The lady was trying to coax the dog over, she said her husband was calling the township to see if anyone had reported a missing dog. I picked Nacho up to avoid him getting into a tussle with the female dog and proceeded to walk towards home. The stray dog kept following me and barking at me, probably because of Nacho. All of a sudden, I see an older guy (probably around 50ish?) walking across the street trying to get the dog to come to him. He said it was his dog so I turned back to the lady and said that he was the owner, and she turned around and walked inside. The guy told me the dogs name (i cant remember for the life of me) and I asked if she was a full bred chihuahua and he said she was a mix but he also had 2 other dogs. I smiled and started to walk nacho towards home but the guy was standing there, holding his dog and not really moving. I thought he was a little strange but decided to pay attention to Nacho and try to hurry him up towards home. The guy then motioned to me and said “Come inside” as he started walking back towards his house. I laughed nervously and said “No..no. thats ok” he then kept insisting I come over! HOW WEIRD! I kept saying no and finally said, I had to be somewhere else so I had to get going. He finally left me alone and I hurried back into my apartment and locked all the doors. Creeper much?

And that is why you never talk to creepy strangers, even in safe towns like mine!

Happy Friday everyone!! ๐Ÿ˜‰