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I never ever thought that I would be dreading my long runs. I was telling Kevin this weekend that i’m completely beat by this point…I’m ready for the marathon to be here already!! I’m just very tired and I am actually looking forward to my taper…it’s gonna be awesome to take a little rest from running so much (Wow, who am I?!) I slept in until 7 am on Saturday and then dragged myself out of bed for my dreaded 16 miler. It went decently but I was nauseous and tired by the end of it…LAST super long run before the marathon and last ice bath until then as well. I was definitely relieved inside to know that my training is finally coming to an end.

For the most part, we sat on the couch for the afternoon eating one of my favorite seasonal candies..

IMG 4766

I used to hate candy corn when I was younger but I lurve it to death now…I love feeling my teeth rotting away as I’m munching on this stuff.

We did semi-productive things…I checked out a nearby garden as a possible location to take wedding pictures but wasn’t very impressed. I also got my car washed…it was begging for one.

My sister finally got herself a new job this week so I decided to make her favorite dinner as a little way to celebrate…She’s in love with taco lasagna so I made us some with ground chicken. Delicious and easy:

IMG 4768

IMG 4769

The best part about this recipe is all of the leftovers it makes…you can guess what I had for dinner tonight? Kevin had it as his dinner last night 😉 I had my wings of course that I brought home with me after watching football…there is always always room in the budget for wings.

Amusingly enough, we had went out to breakfast at the diner around the corner as per usual on Sundays…although its been a while since we’ve gone over there, our weekends have been jam packed for weeks now! We ended up running into Kevin’s sister and her husband so we got to all have breakfast together…too fun!! Random moments like that are seriously the best.

I don’t know why I torture myself buying such items…you know those foods that you really shouldn’t keep around because you just cant keep your hands out of the bag?

IMG 4770

GAHHH buttery goodness, I hate you. Its obvious that I’m totally on a wedding diet, can’t you tell? At least I ran my 5 miles today on my lunch break…no problems running so I can eat buttery popcorn and taco lasagna 😉

My head is all over the place with Chicago coming up and wedding stuff. I’ve been doing research on a gagillion things so my next stop on the list is finding a photographer…on top of that, working on my spreadsheets since I’ll be sending out Save the Dates in November…its all very glamorous and exciting, I can’t even tell you.

In one last bit of news…I’m thrilled to say my fundraising efforts have resulted in raising 3780.00 altogether for LLS. WHAT a crazy and fun ride it has been so far. I’m incredibly touched and moved by the amazing support system of family and friends that Kevin and I have. AMAZING!!!

And here’s to the start of a new week! Tell me about your weekend in the comments!