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I thought I was going to feel exhausted when I woke up but I wasn’t that bad. I say that because I went to bed later on Sunday (I stayed up watching TV past my normal bedtime, haha) so I felt pretty tired yesterday. I surprise myself sometimes. I headed to the gym but the stairmaster was occupied so I settled for time split between the regular elliptical and the armless one. I was reading the newest issue of Runner’s World on my iPad. I had started it last week and was curious when I was reading the Editors note for the issue. The Editor was talking about an article in this issue that was incredibly gory and scary…it had to do with a vicious dog attack on a runner. As a runner, that is probably one of my worst fears, besides being completely sidelined from running. Dogs are not big fans of runners to say the least. Whenever I have encountered them on my run, I am very careful to not go anywhere near them…I’m guessing its the threat of someone running that bothers them, but a lot of them become vicious. I’ve been bitten by little dogs on my run before because owners havent paid attention and they have been loose, roaming around on the front lawn. That BAFFLES me. The thing is, even being careful does not guarantee my safety and I can say i’ve been lucky to never encounter a dog that was loose that was big enough to do some serious damage. 

Well, I didn’t know how bad this article would get. I would rather not show you any screenshots of the article because I was shocked that they put those gory kind of pictures in the magazine…but this article will give you the basic premise of what happened. I’m not sharing this because I want to make you readers scared of dogs or pitbulls. I’m sharing because it’s such a sensitive topic with people and I’m not sure of how I feel about how they portrayed it in the magazine. The author of the article is quite descriptive…but not in a way that I feel like I agree with in telling this story. It was overly painting the picture rather then sticking to facts. Thats the best way I could describe it. I know many people who are very passionate about the topic of pitbulls. In my personal opinion, I think it really comes down to how the dog is raised and the kind of relationship the dog has with its owner. I know my chihuahua would have no problem biting someone. However, my chihuahua is also 10 pounds and generally not a big threat. In the article, the brothers say that the owner of the pitbulls came out and saw what was happening and did not care one little bit. Its sad to know that it seems that the dogs that were put down were not for sure the ones that had attacked them. I’m just uncertain how I feel about the article…and even though I love Runner’s World, It shocks me how this was put together and put in the magazine…and thats probably the first time that has ever happened to me. Crazy, huh?

In the end, I hope all you runners out there are watchful and as careful as possible. I know me as a runner and dog owner, I am very careful with making sure my dog is never loose and could never get close to someone running outside.

Ok, lets move on to more cheerful topics.

I picked these up today after perusing the Halloween candy in Target…it was a tough decision but my curiousness got the best of me:

IMG 4771

As our nephew would say “DELLLICCCIOUSSS!!” hahaha, I really liked these! Not as good as the Godiva Gem Caramel Apple flavor but still ridiculously enjoyable.

Oh yeah, and I picked up a little treat for Kev too 😉 I think about him sometimes…although lets hope he gets home before I eat them:

IMG 4773

I’ve been feeling pretty off today unfortunately. My partner has been sick at work for the past two weeks and I think that I might possibly be coming down with something but I’m trying my best to fight it. I’ve been taking airborne all day and I’m feeling a little better tonight but I think my best bet is to rest and get to bed early. I have 7 miles on the agenda tomorrow but we will see how I feel in the morning. 

Despite the off feeling…nothing can ruin how good listening to this made me feel today:

IMG 0880

Their new album is amazing, you need to pick it up ASAP!

Sorry this post was so short and foodless…but I was thinking you didn’t need to see my millionth picture of eggs, spinach and an english muffin for dinner. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say!!

So what are your thoughts?

Have you ever read an article in a magazine you loved that made you feel pretty uneasy?