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It feels like its been forever, hasn’t it? Let’s catch up with each other!

I woke up on weds feeling better but as soon as I got up and was moving around I started feeling a little bleah…I decided to go for a run anyways because i’m the smartest person in the world. I did 7 miles and felt decent but when I got home I started feeling more blech…I was thinking of going into work and taking a half day but I had a feeling it was only going to make me feel worse, so I decided to call out. Best idea ever. Your immune system is weakened with marathon training and I wanted to avoid getting a full fledged cold 😦 I made me and Kevin some oatmeal on the stovetop (its been FOREVER since i’ve been able to do that!) and added some cinnamon, chia seeds, brown sugar and a spoonful of PB mixed in:

IMG 4777

I had a nice hot cup of coffee on the side too:

IMG 4776

For most of the day, I read and did wedding research…I also got to take a nap, it was awesome πŸ™‚ Kevin had a lunch break between his double shift at the restaurant so I picked him up so we could hang together for a bit…then I headed to pick up my mother in law because we were driving together to drop off our wedding contract at our venue and we made plans to have dinner together after. Kevin mightve been a little jealous when I dropped him back off at work πŸ˜‰ We decided to have dinner at the restaurant that is attached to our venue and it was delicious and so much fun to have some time between the two of us. I’m lucky to have the best in-laws in the world…and no, I dont say that because they are reading right now, haha. I’ve said it many times before my blog came into existence πŸ˜‰ It’s so exciting that now its feeling so much more official..deposits down on the venue and church, now just 1,000,000 other things on the to-do list!

I had already requested Thursday off because I wanted to take the car to get serviced and since Kevin has off on Thursdays, I get to spend a little extra time with him, yay! I went for a 5 mile run in the morning and I felt nice and strong, great confidence boosting run. Afterwards we dropped my engagement ring off at the jewelers to get it resized…unfortunately it was a little too loose on my finger 😦 I was convinced I was a size 7 but turns out i’m really a size 6! I felt so sad to part with my ring for a few days, I cant wait to get it back on my finger…but at least now it will fit properly!

After getting the car serviced we decided to have a later lunch at Maggianos…everytime we are in the area, I always suggest going there. Kevin gets a discount and the food is ridiculously good. We did the meal for two, so we got to have salads to start with:

IMG 4780

You can’t forget the delicious warm bread:

IMG 4779

We also had our choice of their homemade pasta…I had the bowtie with spinach and sundried tomatoes:

IMG 4782

Kevin went for the ravioli…it was SO good, I was jealous when he gave me a bite:

IMG 4781

Also, they give you two pastas to take home with you, woohoo!! (You can guess what i’m having for dinner tonight..)

On top of that, you get dessert. We had the pound cake with ice cream…I always forget how much I love pound cake!

IMG 4783

After all that food, we needed some espresso to survive the drive home:

IMG 4784

It was kind of our only big meal of the day so we feasted…I guess i’m starting the carb loading a little early πŸ™‚ We spent the rest of the night hanging out on the couch watching the Big Bang Theory and X Factor…it was a great day.

Today went by so quickly! I was busy busy at work as per usual but squeezed in some elliptical time on my lunch break. I only have 8 miles on the plan tomorrow…gosh it feels so good to say that!! We are really getting down to the wire here, aren’t we? Its hard to believe i’ll be in Chicago this time next week!!!!Β 

Happy Friday everyone!