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It was weird funky weather this morning…foggy and muggy out. I guess God was deciding to be nice and throw in one last super humid day in the fall for me before the marathon 😉 I did 4 miles and I was feeling a little tight but otherwise good. I should probably make it a point to foam roll a little before Sunday.

Work today was pretty busy but I was happy to have some super healthy snacks throughout the day:

IMG 4790

IMG 4791

You know I couldnt make it till Sunday without at least 5 of these babies.

I was really really disappointed today because I found out my engagement ring wouldnt be back by the time I leave for Chicago 😦 I was really hoping to have it back for the trip but oh well…I guess i’ll need to stick that ring pop on my finger so that when I introduce Kevin as my fiance to TNT they won’t think we are completely weird…

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At least I will have in time for my Birthday on Monday, gotta look at the bright side. And it will fit much better now! (One can hope)

Traffic was terrible getting home so I didnt get home until much later then usual…of course that would happen when I have to start packing. Our room is officially a disaster area:

IMG 4794

We have to leave at 2 pm tomorrow to drive up North towards my parents because we are meeting with a possible wedding photographer at 3 pm. I like to make my days as stressful and packed as possible obviously. I will be packing my bags tonight so that I am basically all ready to go by the time I get home from work tomorrow (I took a half day). I also put together my “throw-away” clothes. It will be in the 30s probably at the start of the marathon and we will be outside for a good 2 hours beforehand so I made sure to pack an old pair of sweats and I also purchased a super cheap sweatshirt that I dont mind just throwing away before the marathon so I can keep warm beforehand. I’ll be fine once I warm up when running but beforehand is always the worrisome part. Im also hoping I find a pair of cheap gloves in Chicago that I can use too…I’d hate to have to wear my normal pair of running gloves just to throw them away 😦

I wanted a really random combination of ingredients for dinner so I decided on a big omelette. I’m a little egg obsessed if you couldnt tell. The base was two eggs whisked together with some plain egg whites:

IMG 4792

Into the mix was chopped onion, tomatoes, jalapenos and blue cheese crumbles. Dont knock it till you try it. I drenched it in ketchup as per usual:

IMG 4793

Tomorrow I will start upping my carb intake, that’ll be fun times. I’ve also been drinking a ridiculous amount of water this week…and not a drop of alcohol until after the marathon this week. Cant wait for an ice cold beer with pizza afterwards!! Amusingly enough they will be giving out Goose Island beer at the marathon after party but i’ve never understood wanting any kind of drink right after i’m done running, haha. 

I’m off to finish packing. We are halfway through the week but I only have one more half day of work to worry about. YAY!