As many of you know, this past monday was my birthday! Yes, I am officially 28 and only 2 years from turning 30 but I’m looking on the bright side of things here 😉 I wanted to do a fun post where I share with you guys my fave moments of the past year. I realize 11 is an odd number but 10 just wasn’t enough 😉

11.) Having Nacho come live with me and Kevin.

I know I know…I complain sometimes about my crazy dog but I never realized how much I missed him until we started living together again. He’s been with my parents for the past few years because my last apartment was not dog friendly. When we moved into this new place, Kevin suggested we give it a try. I’m so glad he did because we don’t know what we did without him…he can be a cranky old man but he’s seriously the funniest dog ever.

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10.) Wine fueled sleepover birthday party with the girls!

As we grow older, we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. We all have different schedules and different things going on. But those times that we DO get to see each other are always ridiculously fun. Dema’s birthday party this year was a wine and cheese sleepover at her apartment and it was such a fun night.

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9.) Valentine’s day trip to New Hope

This was me and Kev’s first trip away alone together and it was such a lovely time…its hard to have opposite schedules so we really cherish each moment that we have with each other. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast and hung around town and even though it was the off season in this area, we managed to have a lot of fun 🙂

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8.) Celebrating Caroline’s birthday in the city on St. Patricks Day

Caroline and Dema might laugh at me for this one but despite the silly drama of the day, I know we all had a blast. it was my first time being in NYC on the holiday and definitely a fun time.

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7.) A drama free 4th of July

I always feel a bit wary of the 4th of July holiday because I feel that more often than not, they have been drama filled. I’m happy to say that for the 2nd year in a row, me and Kevin had a really fun, drama free holiday. Here’s hoping we keep the streak alive!!

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6.) Gavin being born on Nina’s birthday

When Marianne first told us she was due in March, I laughed a little since its the same month as my sister’s birthday. Imagine our surprise when Kevin got the call late on Saturday night, March 3rd that she had gone into labor! We were in the middle of celebrating Nina’s birthday at my apartment but Kevin went to stay in the hospital until Gavin was born early the next morning. We joke around about it but I know that Nina and I are definitely amused that they share the same birthday. It’s funny that two super important people in my life share the same special day, but at least I know those are two birthdays I will never ever forget 😉

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5.) Kevin and I making our first very big investment together–our new car!

Needless to say, my old Ford Focus had been on its last legs for forever. Both of us were getting tired of being worried about the car but we did not know if our credit would allow us to find something affordable and reliable…(We have both been in the process of rebuilding our credit for years after stupid decisions made in the past)…Amusingly enough, our credit was better then we thought and we were able to donate my old car and get ourselves a new car that we absolutely loved! Cant tell you how nice it is driving a car that you don’t worry is going to break down every second.

IMG 2836

4.) Celebrating my Dad’s 50th birthday

What a milestone! I wish I could’ve given him more but we had a great time…we took him out to dinner and had some cake and drinks later on. My dad is one of the most important people in my life and it made me happy to see him happy 🙂 Here’s to having many more moments in life like that.

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3.) Joining TNT and running the Chicago Marathon

So many of you have followed, supported, and encouraged my journey throughout this process…It was such a beautiful, emotional ride. I was so happy to be able to support a cause that really meant something to me and Kevin and it honestly made the experience 100x better. I met amazing people, I raised money, and I conquered a goal that I wouldn’t have even be able to fathom years ago. I still think i’m in disbelief mode that I ran 26.2 miles a few days ago…but its an experience that I will never ever forget.

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2.) Becoming a godmother to baby Gavin

It was an honor that I wasn’t expecting but that I was completely floored and grateful for. The fact that Kevin’s sister and brother-in-law asked me despite probably a bunch of others they could have asked touched me more then words can say. I love both of my nephews beyond words and I’m so honored to be able to have that position in Gavin’s life. It was a really beautiful day and one that I will never ever forget.

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IMG 0783

I really should’ve given the ice cream cake a whole moment of its own but I didnt want to overdo it that much 😉


As many of you may or may not know…I have been engaged in the past. I broke it off because I knew it didn’t feel quite right in my heart. It still amazes me how different everything feels when it comes to my relationship with Kevin. I haven’t been more sure of anything else in my life…he’s the one for me. I teased him throughout most of the year about proposing and he finally got tired of me and went for it…haha. It doesn’t get more romantic then that right?

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I am sure that 28 will bring me even better moments. Life is getting better and better with each year that passes.