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Its been quite a week! I wasn’t entirely sure how my body was going to feel during/after the marathon. Needless to say, I felt absolutely drained after the marathon. It felt like my legs had nothing left in them. I did the ice bath and tried to relax as much as possible for the rest of Sunday. I was still REALLY sore on Monday but I was able to walk so that was good 🙂 It hurt badly to sit down and walk down stairs. 

Each day since then has gotten better. I completely took a rest day on Monday…even if I hadnt just run a marathon I mightve taken a rest day anyways, I was traveling and it was my birthday! Tuesday I was still sore but slowly feeling better. I went to the gym and did some light elliptical for an hour to get the blood in my legs flowing and did an upper body weight workout. Weds…a little bit better, still took it easy on the elliptical. Thursday I decided to go for a very slow 4 mile shake out run. I was still sore and my IT bands felt really tight. I foam rolled as soon as I got home and felt decent! Today my legs are feeling mostly back to normal. I’m assuming that with each marathon the recovery gets a little easier. I remember feeling so sore after my first half marathon but each one after that got better, to the point where I could run 13 miles no problem. Of course, when you run all out for any race your legs are going to get drained…like I learned when I raced hard for my last half marathon in Long Island last year! They say to really listen to your body in recovery after the marathon so that’s what i’ve been doing. You also aren’t supposed to do any hard speedwork runs for a month and SLOWLY get yourself back into distance running. I’m planning on getting up early tomorrow and doing 7 slow, easy miles. If I feel any kind of pain or soreness I’ll just scrap the run, but we shall see how it goes.

You know what one of the perks of running a marathon is? The SWAGGG!!

IMG 4871

I’ve been munching on these happily all week 🙂 My hunger levels have been pretty high still this week. Apparently my body thinks its still in marathon training 😉 I’ve been trying to eat as normal as possible and not over or underdo it.

Last night me and Kevin decided to throw together an easy dinner…we’ve been out to eat way too many times in the past week with the trip so we wanted to do something homecooked but quick. We had to go to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things for the weekend anyways so we picked up some Salmon filets. Kevin rubbed them with the Salmon Rub we had and threw them on the grill. On the side I heated up a bag of Steamfresh snap peas and made some frozen corn on the stovetop. I stirred a tiny dollop of light butter into both of them…turned out to be delicious!

IMG 4873

On the side Kevin made a creamy horseradish sauce…essentially horseradish mixed into sour cream. We are gourmet over here!!

IMG 4874

I was also excited to receive a small birthday gift I bought for myself…a new lipstick:

IMG 4872

I love the color and it feels great on my lips, I cant wait to wear it this weekend!

I’ve been really sneezy since the marathon as well 😦 Our coach told us that our immune systems are really down right now because of how much we put our bodies through, i’ve been fighting off a small cold for most of this week. I’ve also been obsessively eating oranges:

IMG 4875

Vitamin C baby!!

This post is a bit short because I have to run off and do some prep work for tomorrow. I’m excited to spend the weekend with my family and friends 🙂 Tomorrow I am celebrating my birthday with them and I can’t wait! Even though marathon training is done, I’m probably still going to bed at a grandma time…I sure know how to live it up.