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Another weekend that flew by!

I woke up on Saturday morning bright and early to get 9 miles under my belt before I had to take Kevin to work at 10 am. I felt great and I love getting back into the swing of things! It was Kevin’s birthday but he had to work all day…he was a good sport about it. It also gave me time to run to Wegman’s so I could buy the ingredients for his birthday dinner that I was making for him Sunday night. Typically I take him out to dinner on his birthday every year but I asked him if he wanted me to cook for him at home this year since it’s been a while since we had a fancy home-cooked meal. He was totally down for it 🙂 I also stopped by the mall to finish up the last of his birthday present. 

I had some good tunes for driving while I was running my Saturday errands:

IMG 0910

Kevin’s sister and her family got my an iTunes giftcard for my birthday and I’ve been putting it to good use! Sadly I had NO Boyz II Men on my iPhone so I had to change that 😉

Kevin wasn’t the only one with a birthday this weekend…

IMG 0911

(You can tell how much she LOVES taking pictures)

It was my mom’s 50th birthday on Friday!! My dad invited me over for dinner on Saturday to celebrate so I drove up after I was done running my errands. I love getting to spend time with my family and nowadays it seems kind of rare for ALL of us to be together so twas a very nice night!

Afterwards Nina and I drove back to my apartment and finally picked up the Birthday Boy from work. I gave him his presents (new cross-trainers, a few new clothes, a video game, a vinyl and some candy) and Nina gave him hers as well (parks and recreation on DVD and a shirt) and then came the highlight of his birthday night…

IMG 0914

DOMO cake!!! hahaha…Kevin and I have had this running joke for a while now. I’m hello kitty obsessed and we like to say that Domo is her crazy counterpart. Thus began Kevin’s obsession with DOMO. We like to say that its the cartoon version of him 🙂 Our friend Staci is amazing at making cakes and she did a fabulous job on this one. Kevin was so excited about it!

Sunday I took Kevin and Nina out to breakfast and then started doing prepwork for his dinner later that night. I baked an Apple pie for dessert late Saturday night so that was already done. I decided to make bacon-wrapped filet mignon topped with lobster, twice baked potatoes and a caesar salad. I mostly put together the potatoes and steak so that all I had to do was stick in the oven later on that night. We were headed out to watch the Jets/Patriots game that afternoon so I was trying to be super prepared for dinner to come together quickly right as we got home later. Unfortunately the Jets lost….but dinner cheered Kevin up because it all came out delicious:

IMG 4888

IMG 4889

IMG 4890

IMG 4891

Absolutely not a healthy meal by any means but it’s his birthday and he cane have whatever he wants 😉 I was a little scared about tackling the steak because I dont make beef too often and I’m afraid of overcooking it since we both like our meat done medium, but I’m happy to say dinner was a huge success. The rest of the night was spent lounging on the couch watching Dexter. It was a lowkey birthday for him but that is exactly what he wanted and I was glad to make him happy.

So begins another week. Work is crazy as usual but I feel like i’m making more headway wedding wise. I booked the hairstylist for the wedding and made my appointment to go bridal dress shopping in two weeks. I can’t tell if i’m excited or nervous but hopefully its a successful trip!

In other news, I ran 5 miles on my lunch break and felt good. I’m going to up my mileage slightly this week but I’m feeling recovered for the most part. No speedwork until next month though!

In classic Theresa fashion, my dinner is a really random mix:

IMG 4892


I scrambled egg beaters and shredded cheese with a bunch of spinach. I have a tub of spinach from Costco to use so expect to see lots of greens for the next two days…thats the expected time it will take me to go through that much spinach, haha!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! Tell me about it in the comments!