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This is just going to be a short blog post tonight…

As many of you already know, I live in NJ and so I’m in a state that has been heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy. I haven’t been able to post most of the week because I have been out of power. I wanted to confirm that I’m lucky enough to say that I’m safe, my family is safe, and we received power back in our apartment on Thursday. Not everyone is that lucky…there are hundreds of thousands still out of power at this moment. Homes are destroyed and some people have lost everything in this storm. It’s a sad time but still a time of hope…despite the devastation around us, its truly touching to see us New Jerseyians rallying together to help our fellow neighbors.


Its been hard for me to blog or even think about it during this time. Hopefully I will feel more up to it next week. At this time, I have my family staying at my apartment because they are still without power in their house and its freezing out. I’m happy to spend time with them and help aid others by getting together donations for those in need.


Stay strong all those from this area!! I hope all is well for all my other readers too!! 🙂