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It’s going to be way too hard to recap the past two weeks that I’ve been M.I.A. so let me try to just give you the overall gist.

  • The hurricane hit and was definitely one of the scariest storms that I’ve ever been through. I was with Kevin and my sister the whole time cooped up in the apartment. The winds were incredible, in the worst way possible. Tons of damage was done to our state but i’m lucky to say we fared ok. We lost power for a few days but got it back in a matter of days.
  • My parents and Aunt had to stay with us for a few days because it took longer for their power to come back on. During Hurricane Irene when we lost power, it was pretty easy to be semi comfortable in your home since it wasn’t super cold out. Not so much this time! My Dad also has sleep apnea and needs his machine powered in order to get a good nights sleep. It was a full apartment over here for a few days but they were so happy to get their power back last Tuesday!
  • We knew a bunch of other people that only just got their power back a few days ago. My sister-in-law was one of them…we ended up having to reschedule the engagement party we had planned for the weekend before and moved it to this past weekend.
  • Workout wise, I’ve been trying to slowly increase my mileage again, incorporating more junk miles. I did 32 miles last week and i’m hoping to get more in this week. My eating on the other hand…a little out of control with the not so healthy items so I’ve been trying to wrangle myself in. Its definitely tough!
  • This past weekend was absolutely packed, but with fun things. I went wedding dress shopping for the first time and found my DRESS! Obviously I can’t post a picture here since Kevin checks my blog but I’m in love. I’m not so in love with the price tag of everything but I knew if there was one thing I was going to splurge on myself with, it was my dress.
  • We celebrated Dema’s birthday Saturday night…wine, cheese and friends is the perfect combination.
  • Despite having to reschedule our engagement party, it worked out for the best. The weather on sunday was GORGEOUS and it was such a wonderful time. Hands down one of my favorite weekends of the year.
  • I took off on Monday since I knew the weekend was packed. In true Theresa fashion, the day was probably more tiring then a day at work. I ran 9 miles, did tons of errands (including spending some of the gift cards we received at the party, HELLO Sodasteam and new vacuum purchase!!)…and then drove up to our wedding venue to attend a Bridal show. There wasn’t a ton of vendors but it was a great opportunity to taste the food (which was absolutely delicious) phew…what a wedding filled weekend.


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Wine and cheese girls night…Dema puts out the best spreads ever!!

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Driving over to our engagement party!!

IMG 4912

My bridesmaids!! (minus my cousin from El Salvador!)

IMG 4914

Kevin’s groomsmen!

IMG 4915


IMG 4923

I joked that this was the best year ever because I got to have ice cream cake 3 times…except I wasnt joking 😉


Practicing for the wedding, if only Kevin could look at the camera 😉

IMG 4917

Delicious pumpkin roll that my Aunt Leeanna made!!

And yes…i’ve been housing leftovers from the party ever since…such healthy eats around here lately..

IMG 4926

IMG 4924

Our new Soda stream…i’ll be drinking gallons of club soda from now on, thank you very much:

IMG 4925

And yes, I did manage to get a healthy breakfast into my system this morning. My first time making oatmeal in a almond butter jar on its last legs. Not microwave safe but definitely delicious.

IMG 0924

I thought maybe 15 seconds would be ok, but I was wrong. That college degree is getting some overuse in my day to day life.

Trying to get back into the swing of things…life is slowly starting to feel normal again. Except maybe I have a weird definition of normal…lol. Hope all is well with everyone else! I’m feeling really incredibly excited, lucky and blessed.