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Last night Kevin took me completely by surprise.

See, we are trying to pay for as many things wedding wise that we can possibly afford by ourselves. I told my dad from the get-go that I would buy my own wedding gown. I had a certain budget in mind of 1500-2000. I had heard that I only had to put a chunk of a deposit down and then would have some more time to pay the gown off. I figured that was a realistic number. I’ve been saving since the moment we got engaged and paid for a few other deposits/expenses out of my savings already but felt like I was still in good shape. When I finally picked out my dress, I didn’t take into account the cost of the veil, the slip, the alterations, etc. On top of that, I had picked a dress that ended up being at the very high end of my budget. I had to put over half down as a deposit and it basically drained my savings. I felt caught off guard over the weekend but when I told Kevin he reassured me that everything was fine and that I should get the dress I want since we only get one wedding day. I also knew that whatever we would get from the engagement party would go into savings and that I had plenty of time to save up the rest of the dress expenses (just a little over 1000 that would be due around June). I’m good at saving when I put my mind to it 🙂 

So, after I picked up Kevin from work he asked me what the exact number was that I owed on the dress. I looked at him a little confused since I didnt know why he was really concerning himself with the number, I was planning on saving up the rest myself. He then told me that he had been still saving as well and that he wanted to give me the money to pay for the rest of the dress. I have to go back next weekend so she can take a measurement for the hem and he wanted me to pay it off now instead of later so that we could get to saving for the rest of the things we need to take care of. I laughed at him and told him not to worry about it, that we could put that money towards the honeymoon…but he insisted. I was floored by his thoughtfulness 🙂 I know that he offered to help with the dress but I wasn’t expecting that. He still knows how to surprise me everyday! He’s the best!!

Despite that lovely moment…today was pretty stressful at work. That seems to be the theme of the week there so far. I did try out a new breakfast that made my morning though:

IMG 0925

IMG 0926

Yes, I’m cheating on Chobani with Oikos..its my first time trying it and it was really awesome! I would definitely try it again. This granola is new as well…I see it in Costco all the time but I get hesitant because i’d rather not try something new in bulk 😉 I’m in love though, so I will totally pick this up next time i’m there!

Otherwise, Kev and I have been catching up with some new reading that Caroline gave us as a gift over the weekend!

IMG 0928

IMG 0929

Perfect reading snack?

IMG 0930

….and maybe a small (okay, BIG) piece of ice cream cake. I’m thinking I wont fit in my wedding dress by the rate i’m going…lol I did run 5 miles on my lunch break and it felt good. Another 5 on the agenda tomorrow. Seems like the magic number most days…at least during the winter when i’m stuck on the treadmill. I really look forward to my weekend long runs during this season 🙂

Happy Weds everyone!