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Things are hectic around here with everything…I’m happy but busy busy 🙂

Last Thursday was a special date night. Kevins Aunt and Uncle gave us a gift certificate to the steakhouse located in the venue where our wedding reception is being held as part of our gift for the engagement party…we were both pretty psyched to have a nice dinner, it had been a while since we’ve treated ourselves.

And boy did we…I talked Kevin into ordering the crab and shrimp martini for 2 as an appetizer…

IMG 0931

It was expensive but worth every penny because it was HUGE and delicious! It had huge chunks of crab in remoulade sauce and fresh shrimp…we both ate our weight in seafood before dinner. Luckily I also convinced Kevin to split a steak with me because I wanted to try their Delmonico steak but knew I couldn’t handle 24 oz of it on my own. We ordered asparagus and shallot mashed potatoes on the side. Everything was absolutely amazing, it was a really great night out.

IMG 0932

IMG 0933

IMG 0934

My friday night was spent cleaning, but I was pretty psyched to try out the new vacuum cleaner we had bought with the gift cards we had gotten from the engagement party. Our old one really sucked and it drove me crazy thinking about how much pet hair was stuck in our carpets…gross!

IMG 0937

You dont even want to know the amount of hair that it picked up but it works REALLY well so far so i’m hopeful!

Saturday morning was glorious because I slept in until 830! I love winter running because I dont have to worry about waking up at dawn to beat the heat! I did my longest run since the marathon…13.2 miles. Yes, the .2 miles at the end were the toughest. Afterwards me and Kevin spent the afternoon at Bed Bath and Beyond setting up our wedding registry. We also registered at Macys but that one was done mostly online…I’m glad we got a couple of hours in scanning stuff in the store though, it was exciting thinking about building our future home together. We have a lot of stuff already since we’ve lived together for a while now but its nice to think about upgrading a lot of the older/rundown items we have!

Today I discovered a new favorite snack:

IMG 0935

I’m a sucker for sugar obviously. I only had to eat half the bag to satisfy my sweet tooth for around 5 minutes 😉 Good thing I ran those 5 miles on my lunch break, I didn’t feel too guilty about these.

Kevin had off from work tonight and we decided to make something in the crockpot. I love that we are getting more use out of it! We used this recipe and it was another success in the kitchen!

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

– 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and diced

-1 small sweet onion, small diced

-1 red bell pepper, seeded and diced

-1 can organic black beans, rinsed and drained

-1 14 oz can organic fire roasted diced tomatoes, drained

-1.5 C organic veggie broth

-3 garlic cloves, minced

-1 T chili powder

-1 t cumin

-1 t paprika

-pinch cayenne

-1/2 t sea salt

-1 lime (for splash of juice at the end)

Combine all ingredients into a slow cooker (except the lime), sprayed with nonstick spray.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

IMG 0939

IMG 0941

I added some cheddar and light sour cream to the top…YUM!

I’ve tried a couple of different chili recipes in the past few years and this one is definitely up there!

I seriously can’t believe Thanksgiving this week. Time goes by way too quickly. Hope everyone had a good weekend!