Recovery downtime


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Its been quite a week! I wasn’t entirely sure how my body was going to feel during/after the marathon. Needless to say, I felt absolutely drained after the marathon. It felt like my legs had nothing left in them. I did the ice bath and tried to relax as much as possible for the rest of Sunday. I was still REALLY sore on Monday but I was able to walk so that was good 🙂 It hurt badly to sit down and walk down stairs. 

Each day since then has gotten better. I completely took a rest day on Monday…even if I hadnt just run a marathon I mightve taken a rest day anyways, I was traveling and it was my birthday! Tuesday I was still sore but slowly feeling better. I went to the gym and did some light elliptical for an hour to get the blood in my legs flowing and did an upper body weight workout. Weds…a little bit better, still took it easy on the elliptical. Thursday I decided to go for a very slow 4 mile shake out run. I was still sore and my IT bands felt really tight. I foam rolled as soon as I got home and felt decent! Today my legs are feeling mostly back to normal. I’m assuming that with each marathon the recovery gets a little easier. I remember feeling so sore after my first half marathon but each one after that got better, to the point where I could run 13 miles no problem. Of course, when you run all out for any race your legs are going to get drained…like I learned when I raced hard for my last half marathon in Long Island last year! They say to really listen to your body in recovery after the marathon so that’s what i’ve been doing. You also aren’t supposed to do any hard speedwork runs for a month and SLOWLY get yourself back into distance running. I’m planning on getting up early tomorrow and doing 7 slow, easy miles. If I feel any kind of pain or soreness I’ll just scrap the run, but we shall see how it goes.

You know what one of the perks of running a marathon is? The SWAGGG!!

IMG 4871

I’ve been munching on these happily all week 🙂 My hunger levels have been pretty high still this week. Apparently my body thinks its still in marathon training 😉 I’ve been trying to eat as normal as possible and not over or underdo it.

Last night me and Kevin decided to throw together an easy dinner…we’ve been out to eat way too many times in the past week with the trip so we wanted to do something homecooked but quick. We had to go to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things for the weekend anyways so we picked up some Salmon filets. Kevin rubbed them with the Salmon Rub we had and threw them on the grill. On the side I heated up a bag of Steamfresh snap peas and made some frozen corn on the stovetop. I stirred a tiny dollop of light butter into both of them…turned out to be delicious!

IMG 4873

On the side Kevin made a creamy horseradish sauce…essentially horseradish mixed into sour cream. We are gourmet over here!!

IMG 4874

I was also excited to receive a small birthday gift I bought for myself…a new lipstick:

IMG 4872

I love the color and it feels great on my lips, I cant wait to wear it this weekend!

I’ve been really sneezy since the marathon as well 😦 Our coach told us that our immune systems are really down right now because of how much we put our bodies through, i’ve been fighting off a small cold for most of this week. I’ve also been obsessively eating oranges:

IMG 4875

Vitamin C baby!!

This post is a bit short because I have to run off and do some prep work for tomorrow. I’m excited to spend the weekend with my family and friends 🙂 Tomorrow I am celebrating my birthday with them and I can’t wait! Even though marathon training is done, I’m probably still going to bed at a grandma time…I sure know how to live it up.



My top 11 moments of 27


As many of you know, this past monday was my birthday! Yes, I am officially 28 and only 2 years from turning 30 but I’m looking on the bright side of things here 😉 I wanted to do a fun post where I share with you guys my fave moments of the past year. I realize 11 is an odd number but 10 just wasn’t enough 😉

11.) Having Nacho come live with me and Kevin.

I know I know…I complain sometimes about my crazy dog but I never realized how much I missed him until we started living together again. He’s been with my parents for the past few years because my last apartment was not dog friendly. When we moved into this new place, Kevin suggested we give it a try. I’m so glad he did because we don’t know what we did without him…he can be a cranky old man but he’s seriously the funniest dog ever.

IMG 2161

IMG 2177

IMG 2700

10.) Wine fueled sleepover birthday party with the girls!

As we grow older, we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like. We all have different schedules and different things going on. But those times that we DO get to see each other are always ridiculously fun. Dema’s birthday party this year was a wine and cheese sleepover at her apartment and it was such a fun night.

IMG 2717


IMG 2722

9.) Valentine’s day trip to New Hope

This was me and Kev’s first trip away alone together and it was such a lovely time…its hard to have opposite schedules so we really cherish each moment that we have with each other. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast and hung around town and even though it was the off season in this area, we managed to have a lot of fun 🙂

IMG 3301

IMG 3304


IMG 3359

8.) Celebrating Caroline’s birthday in the city on St. Patricks Day

Caroline and Dema might laugh at me for this one but despite the silly drama of the day, I know we all had a blast. it was my first time being in NYC on the holiday and definitely a fun time.

IMG 3701

IMG 3700

IMG 3705

7.) A drama free 4th of July

I always feel a bit wary of the 4th of July holiday because I feel that more often than not, they have been drama filled. I’m happy to say that for the 2nd year in a row, me and Kevin had a really fun, drama free holiday. Here’s hoping we keep the streak alive!!

IMG 4402

IMG 0303

IMG 0339

6.) Gavin being born on Nina’s birthday

When Marianne first told us she was due in March, I laughed a little since its the same month as my sister’s birthday. Imagine our surprise when Kevin got the call late on Saturday night, March 3rd that she had gone into labor! We were in the middle of celebrating Nina’s birthday at my apartment but Kevin went to stay in the hospital until Gavin was born early the next morning. We joke around about it but I know that Nina and I are definitely amused that they share the same birthday. It’s funny that two super important people in my life share the same special day, but at least I know those are two birthdays I will never ever forget 😉

IMG 3603

IMG 3604

IMG 3608

5.) Kevin and I making our first very big investment together–our new car!

Needless to say, my old Ford Focus had been on its last legs for forever. Both of us were getting tired of being worried about the car but we did not know if our credit would allow us to find something affordable and reliable…(We have both been in the process of rebuilding our credit for years after stupid decisions made in the past)…Amusingly enough, our credit was better then we thought and we were able to donate my old car and get ourselves a new car that we absolutely loved! Cant tell you how nice it is driving a car that you don’t worry is going to break down every second.

IMG 2836

4.) Celebrating my Dad’s 50th birthday

What a milestone! I wish I could’ve given him more but we had a great time…we took him out to dinner and had some cake and drinks later on. My dad is one of the most important people in my life and it made me happy to see him happy 🙂 Here’s to having many more moments in life like that.

IMG 3225

IMG 3234

3.) Joining TNT and running the Chicago Marathon

So many of you have followed, supported, and encouraged my journey throughout this process…It was such a beautiful, emotional ride. I was so happy to be able to support a cause that really meant something to me and Kevin and it honestly made the experience 100x better. I met amazing people, I raised money, and I conquered a goal that I wouldn’t have even be able to fathom years ago. I still think i’m in disbelief mode that I ran 26.2 miles a few days ago…but its an experience that I will never ever forget.

IMG 0719

IMG 0720

IMG 0721

IMG 0724

2.) Becoming a godmother to baby Gavin

It was an honor that I wasn’t expecting but that I was completely floored and grateful for. The fact that Kevin’s sister and brother-in-law asked me despite probably a bunch of others they could have asked touched me more then words can say. I love both of my nephews beyond words and I’m so honored to be able to have that position in Gavin’s life. It was a really beautiful day and one that I will never ever forget.

IMG 4244

IMG 4253

IMG 4267

IMG 0183

IMG 0783

I really should’ve given the ice cream cake a whole moment of its own but I didnt want to overdo it that much 😉


As many of you may or may not know…I have been engaged in the past. I broke it off because I knew it didn’t feel quite right in my heart. It still amazes me how different everything feels when it comes to my relationship with Kevin. I haven’t been more sure of anything else in my life…he’s the one for me. I teased him throughout most of the year about proposing and he finally got tired of me and went for it…haha. It doesn’t get more romantic then that right?

IMG 4676

IMG 4675

IMG 4674

I am sure that 28 will bring me even better moments. Life is getting better and better with each year that passes.

Race Recap: Chicago Marathon


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The night before the marathon me and Kevin had tickets to the TNT inspiration dinner:

IMG 4850

They had a buffet style dinner waiting for us that included pasta, chicken, bread, vegetables, salad and of course lots of rolls. I was still pretty full from the deep dish pizza that we had from lunch so I didnt eat a ton but it was good 🙂 We also had cheesecake for dessert. They had cute little candy bags on the table for us:

IMG 4851

It was a wonderful dinner with awesome guest speakers. It was truly inspirational being surrounded by such amazing people and to hear how much money we raised…WOW! The flex team alone had raised over 150k!

After dinner we headed back to the room. I put together my playlist on my iPod shuffle for the marathon and called it a night. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to sleep but I was going to try my best. I luckily got a decent rest in! I woke up at 4:45 am and headed downstairs to pick up a bagel from the Einstein Bros shop that was in the hotel. I headed back upstairs and slathered some cream cheese on it and gobbled it down as I was getting ready. My race outfit was my lululemon running skirt, an under armour long sleeve tech shirt and then my TNT jersey on top of that. I also decided to use my compression socks, figuring they would keep me warm. Not the best idea considering I hadnt really worn them for any super long runs during training but I hoped I wouldnt come to regret it (I sort of did…i’ll explain soon).

IMG 4852

IMG 4854

Kevin shouldve used the flash so I apologize for the darkness. Schibby is my nickname for him 😉

I also pulled on my throwaway clothes to keep warm…trackpants and a sweatshirt. I was looking pretty hot! I headed downstairs to meet up with my teammates at 5:30 am and we headed over to the start line together. It was in the low 40s when we walked outside but did not feel as cold as it was on Saturday, thankfully. It was still dark out but pretty cool because you could see many runners along the way also making their way over. I stuck close to a couple of girls I had chatting it up with over the weekend. We hung by the porta potties for a while and then finally went over into the charity corral section at 7:15. The nervousness started to hit me a little bit while we were standing there but I tried to push it out of my head. One of the girls in our group, Courtney, asked me what pace I was going for and I told her 10:00/mile. She asked if I wanted to stick together since that was her pace too so I happily agreed. Finally, at 7:30…we were off!!

I pulled off my pants first and threw them off. I decided to keep my sweatshirt on until I felt more warmed up. My legs were fine but my hands were FREEZING. I got a little worried about one of my fingers because it had no feeling and took a while before it finally warmed up…next time better gloves are a necessity 😉 After the 1st mile, I tossed off the sweatshirt…I was getting warmed up quickly. Let me tell you…the spectators absolutely made this race. There was hundreds of people on the streets cheering for us and giving us high fives…I loved it. I felt good and strong in the beginning. We were going out at a good pace and I didnt even turn on my music for the 1st hour…I just happily trotted alongside Courtney and we chitchatted for a while. Around mile 6 I finally decided to put it on.

There were aid stations at almost every mile on the course. We decided to adopt the strategy of having gatorade at one station and then the next station would be water. I get nauseous with too much Gatorade in my system so I hoped it would work out did. I took my first dose of shot blocks at mile 8. We stopped for our first porta potty break at around mile 10 I believe…and they were absolutely gross. I will spare you the details of those. Lets just say one of the girls stumbled out of one of them and said to us that if we have a gag reflex we should probably stay out of them, lol!

The coaches from TNT were also strategically placed around the course so around mile 11, one of them checked in with us to make sure we were doing well. I was still feeling good around this point and definitely much better after the shot blocks at mile 8. Around mile 14 my confidence started to waiver though…this is where the compression socks started to make me regret my decision to wear them. They were great for keeping warm but they were making me develop some odd cramps in my feet. It wasnt stopping me from running but it was definitely making me feel a bit uncomfortable. I trooped through. I took my second dose of shot blocks at mile 14. We also had another bathroom break. Around mile 16 I was starting to feel how tired I really was…so was Courtney. But we kept on encouraging each other and pushing forward. Spectators at this point were on the sidelines holding bowls of orange slices, watermelons and fig newtons…I grabbed an orange and gobbled it down and it was the BEST orange i’ve ever had in my life. It gave me a better burst of energy then the shotblocks did! I just kept reinforcing myself in my head…ok…lets just make it to mile 18 and it will be ok…then lets just make it to mile 20 and it will be ok. I was so happy when we hit mile 20 but had no idea how I was going to go on for 6 more miles. I took my third dose of shotblocks at mile 20. I was feeling pretty beat down by this point but Courtney kept on encouraging me and I kept pushing forward. I kept telling myself just one more mile..just get to mile 21..then mile 22…etc etc. I started tearing up when I saw the sign for mile 25. I couldn’t believe I only had 1.2 miles to go!! The spectators were getting louder and louder as we kept pushing forward…they shouted encouraging words at us and I was getting really emotional. Finally when I saw the finish line in sight I was bursting inside…of course life is cruel and there was a hill to climb at the finish line but I tried to ignore how badly beaten my legs felt and kept going. I was overwhelmed with emotion when we crossed the finish line and me and Courtney hugged each other tightly right after. We both thanked each other profusely because we knew that we couldve never made it without each other. I was so tempted to start walking at so many points but her running alongside me gave me the strength to go on. I couldnt even wrap my head around the fact that I had just accomplished such an amazing goal. I was SOOO happy!! My official time was 4:43. I was hoping for 4:30 but that was great considering the two bathroom breaks we took! I grabbed one of the thermal wraps they were giving out and promptly wrapped it around myself since I was getting cold already. I had salt all over my face and Courtney was laughing but threw me a bag of chips so I could get some salt into my body! We grabbed our medals and just kept walking, talking about how awestruck we were at the moment. I got a text from Kevin that him and Nina were waiting for me at Charity Village. TNT had their own tent there that we had to check in with after the marathon and they also had food provided there. Another cruelty…Charity Village was a good 1.5 walk from the finish line! We hobbled as quickly as we could but thats not saying much at all 😉 I was ecstatic to see Kev and Nina over there when I finally made it!!

IMG 4855

IMG 4856

IMG 4857

IMG 4860

IMG 4862

IMG 4866

IMG 4868

IMG 4869

IMG 4870

Yep, thats the salt all over my face 😉 They bought me flowers too which was so sweet of them!! I was brain dead by this point but knew I needed something in my system. I couldnt stomach the thought of food at that moment so decided to chug down a chocolate milk instead. Perfection. We started making our way back to the hotel…well, I was hobbling slowly in my case. I was freezing though and told Kevin that if we could catch a cab i’d be so happy. It took us a bit but we finally found an available one. Thank gosh! I couldnt take anymore walking by that point! We got back to the hotel and I gobbled down one of the leftover slices of pizza from the day before Kevin started setting up the ice bath for me but I was tearing up at the thought of having to plunge into ice cold water when I was already freezing 😦 I sucked it up and did it anyways…I knew if I didnt I would completely regret it on Monday. Afterwards, I took a LONG HOT shower and it was literally the BEST shower i’ve ever taken in my life!!! I felt a lot better after that. I was floored by the beautiful messages I was receiving over facebook and through text, congratulating me on my accomplishment. SO sweet!! I was a big ball of emotion that day 🙂 After my shower we headed to a restaurant around the block so we could grab something to eat. I wasnt really hungry by that point so me and Nina shared a calamari dish and Kevin had a corned beef burger. You’d think I want to eat pounds of food after that race but not so much 😉 I did enjoy a nice ice cold Goose Island beer with my food though and it was delicious. The rest of the day was spent resting in bed and watching TV. I had no energy for any more sightseeing that day.

So how am I feeling now? I was sore yesterday and i’m still sore today but its getting a little better each day. I can’t fathom the thought of running for at least another couple of days. It hurts to walk but mostly hurts to go down stairs and to sit down. I did some light elliptical today and my legs are feeling better, slowly and surely. Yesterday was my birthday so I was excited for a lot of food and no exercise 😉 Our flight back was good and I had a GREAT birthday…I’m so lucky to have such phenomenal family and friends. I am so blessed in life right now.

I’m not sure when I’ll be signing up for another race…but I have a feeling this wont be my last marathon!

The days leading up to the marathon…


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This post may not be heavy on words but the pictures pretty much speak for themselves 😉

The last couple of days have been full of a lot of carbs…

IMG 4795

IMG 4796

IMG 4797

IMG 4798

IMG 4799

IMG 4800

Lots and lots of deep dish pizza 😉

IMG 4826

IMG 4848

IMG 4849

Chicago marathon expo on Friday was awesome!!

IMG 4801

IMG 4802

IMG 4804

IMG 4808

IMG 4812

IMG 4814

Kevin found this shirt hilarious:

IMG 4816

Sillyhead 😉

IMG 4817

IMG 4819

IMG 4820

IMG 4822

IMG 4824

The Nike wall had a wall with the names of ALL the participants and Kevin found my name and circled it 😉

And of course, we found some time for sightseeing!

IMG 4829

IMG 4830

IMG 4832

IMG 4833

IMG 4836

IMG 4837

IMG 4841

IMG 4845

IMG 4844

I’ll be posting my marathon recap next!!

Weird combinations make me happy


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It was weird funky weather this morning…foggy and muggy out. I guess God was deciding to be nice and throw in one last super humid day in the fall for me before the marathon 😉 I did 4 miles and I was feeling a little tight but otherwise good. I should probably make it a point to foam roll a little before Sunday.

Work today was pretty busy but I was happy to have some super healthy snacks throughout the day:

IMG 4790

IMG 4791

You know I couldnt make it till Sunday without at least 5 of these babies.

I was really really disappointed today because I found out my engagement ring wouldnt be back by the time I leave for Chicago 😦 I was really hoping to have it back for the trip but oh well…I guess i’ll need to stick that ring pop on my finger so that when I introduce Kevin as my fiance to TNT they won’t think we are completely weird…

295973 10101880270539649 1381021896 n

At least I will have in time for my Birthday on Monday, gotta look at the bright side. And it will fit much better now! (One can hope)

Traffic was terrible getting home so I didnt get home until much later then usual…of course that would happen when I have to start packing. Our room is officially a disaster area:

IMG 4794

We have to leave at 2 pm tomorrow to drive up North towards my parents because we are meeting with a possible wedding photographer at 3 pm. I like to make my days as stressful and packed as possible obviously. I will be packing my bags tonight so that I am basically all ready to go by the time I get home from work tomorrow (I took a half day). I also put together my “throw-away” clothes. It will be in the 30s probably at the start of the marathon and we will be outside for a good 2 hours beforehand so I made sure to pack an old pair of sweats and I also purchased a super cheap sweatshirt that I dont mind just throwing away before the marathon so I can keep warm beforehand. I’ll be fine once I warm up when running but beforehand is always the worrisome part. Im also hoping I find a pair of cheap gloves in Chicago that I can use too…I’d hate to have to wear my normal pair of running gloves just to throw them away 😦

I wanted a really random combination of ingredients for dinner so I decided on a big omelette. I’m a little egg obsessed if you couldnt tell. The base was two eggs whisked together with some plain egg whites:

IMG 4792

Into the mix was chopped onion, tomatoes, jalapenos and blue cheese crumbles. Dont knock it till you try it. I drenched it in ketchup as per usual:

IMG 4793

Tomorrow I will start upping my carb intake, that’ll be fun times. I’ve also been drinking a ridiculous amount of water this week…and not a drop of alcohol until after the marathon this week. Cant wait for an ice cold beer with pizza afterwards!! Amusingly enough they will be giving out Goose Island beer at the marathon after party but i’ve never understood wanting any kind of drink right after i’m done running, haha. 

I’m off to finish packing. We are halfway through the week but I only have one more half day of work to worry about. YAY!

Taper Non-Madness


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I actually realized today that i’m not entirely sure if i’ve described what a taper actually is to those who aren’t into running…although you can probably taper with other sports too!

Tapering is a period for runners before a race (usually distance running) in which we lower our mileage and give ourselves time to relax and recover…which is usually easier said then done. It’s common for runners to go through “taper madness”…a crazy feeling of restlessness because we aren’t that used to actually relaxing and not running or being active. I’ve done short tapers for half marathons and they’ve driven me crazy. I’m cool as a cucumber when it comes to this taper…I know my body really needs this rest. I’ve surprised myself in that way, haha. I went to bed at 10 pm last night and still felt sleepy when I woke up at 7:20…I guess this is probably what my coach was talking about…my body is definitely tired and needs some TLC. I can only hope that i’m feeling strong and energetic on that finish line Saturday morning. So for one of the first times in a while, I didn’t work out at all today, not even cross-training I’m still hungry as if i’m logging high mileage, which is the funny part. 

That brings me to my next point…how will my diet look this week? I’ve been told to eat as if i’m still running tons so that my body starts to store the glycogen it needs in my muscles. Its not the typical “carb-loading” that you might think of. I’m not eating pounds of pasta and rolls. I dont have to focus on getting some extra carbs in until 3 days out. So Thursday-Saturday I will focus on making sure i’m not eating fibrous foods and I will eat white, starchy breads instead of the whole wheat ones. Something like oatmeal for breakfast, a turkey sandwich on white bread for lunch and possibly fish and white rice for dinner. We are going to a pizza dinner with TNT on Friday night so I am definitely looking forward to that…I may or may not say that one of my main motivations for running the Chicago Marathon is the infamous deep dish pizza 😉

Todays lunch was an almond butter and banana sandwich with honey drizzled inside:

IMG 0896

And a sadly, disappointing peach 😦 Didn’t taste quite right:

IMG 0897

On my lunch break I stopped and picked up a long sleeve tech shirt to layer with on Sunday…looks like its going to be in the low 40s come marathon morning!

IMG 4786

(I know you are loving the green couch with the purple shirt, hotness)

I also stocked up on shot blocks, these are definitely a must for the race:

IMG 4787

We bought these just last Thursday and you can guess which one of us made the biggest dent in them…

IMG 4788

IMG 4789

I’d say its probably a tie for me and Kev 😉 Optimal running fuel for me…optimal couch surfing fuel for him.

I seem to have been replaced as his favorite cuddler:

IMG 0894

The man loves his chihuahuas, what can I say?

Tomorrow is 4 miles on the agenda…woo-hoo, I’m loving these short runs. After tomorrow I basically will be resting until Saturday, then I have a quick 2 mile shakeout run on Saturday morning with my TNT teammates…I’m pretty psyched to finally meet all of them.

Hope your week is going well so far, I know mine is going to fly by like whoa!!

…Because I’m training for a marathon!!


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We are getting down to the nitty gritty here. I seriously cannot believe that in less than a week I will be running the Chicago Marathon.

One of the biggest things that I think I’m going to miss are all of the excuses I’ve been able to use since training…I wanted to point out a couple of my favorites.

“Honey, I’m too tired to do the dishes…because I’m training for a marathon!

“I need to eat these 4 slices of pizza……because I’m training for a marathon!”

IMG 4420

“Could you get me a glass of water from the kitchen; I’m resting my legs…because I’m training for a marathon!”

IMG 2165

“I can’t take the garbage out…because I’m training for a marathon!”

“Sorry that I ate all of your string cheese and pretzels, I’m so hungry…because I’m training for a marathon!”

IMG 4742

“Can you please walk the dog? I’m sooo tired…because I’m training for a marathon!”

“We need 2 cartons of ice cream in the freezer at all times…because I’m training for a marathon!”

IMG 4595

“I can have another beer, hey its carbs and I need those…because I’m training for a marathon!”

IMG 3370

“I can fuel with Reese’s peanut butter cups…because I’m training for a marathon!”

“I absolutely need you to run and pick me up some wings…because I’m training for a marathon!”

IMG 2840

“Would you mind cleaning the apartment? I think I deserve a break…because I’m training for a marathon!”


I’m kind of thinking Kevin is going to be happier than me by the time the race is over with on Sunday 😉

IMG 4186

I better take advantage of these last few days while I can!

In other news, my weekend was really good, in a chill kind of way Saturday I went for an 8 mile run and it felt so weird not being out there for hours. I didnt mind it one little bit. We drove up to my parents so I could have my dad help me with my taxes…we had filed an extension in hope that we could find other deductions to avoid paying so much but alas, we couldn’t get the number to go down. At least we cushioned the blow with my car donation last year…so its not as much as I paid last year. I dropped Kev off at work and then went to dinner with Caroline and Nina…followed by some girl time and movie watching…a night with my maid of honors is always a good one.

Sunday was a terrible day for Jets football so lets skip over that part. We did have breakfast with Mama and Papa Schaible and then hung out watching my sister-in-laws wedding video from a few years ago. It made me really excited for our wedding…and I was touched because everyone was a little emotional watching it. Its obvious how much his family cares for each other, I love it 🙂

Later Sunday night, I received an email from TNT asking if Kev and I would mind writing a couple of paragraphs together about our story and how its been to be a part of TNT…they’d like us to speak to the group the night before the race. I am so honored that we were asked, how cool is that? Chicago is going to be a blast.

I’m ready to be in rest mode this week…its kind of nice not thinking about any serious workouts this week. Besides that pesky marathon I’m running in a few days…

Avoiding the dreaded cold


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It feels like its been forever, hasn’t it? Let’s catch up with each other!

I woke up on weds feeling better but as soon as I got up and was moving around I started feeling a little bleah…I decided to go for a run anyways because i’m the smartest person in the world. I did 7 miles and felt decent but when I got home I started feeling more blech…I was thinking of going into work and taking a half day but I had a feeling it was only going to make me feel worse, so I decided to call out. Best idea ever. Your immune system is weakened with marathon training and I wanted to avoid getting a full fledged cold 😦 I made me and Kevin some oatmeal on the stovetop (its been FOREVER since i’ve been able to do that!) and added some cinnamon, chia seeds, brown sugar and a spoonful of PB mixed in:

IMG 4777

I had a nice hot cup of coffee on the side too:

IMG 4776

For most of the day, I read and did wedding research…I also got to take a nap, it was awesome 🙂 Kevin had a lunch break between his double shift at the restaurant so I picked him up so we could hang together for a bit…then I headed to pick up my mother in law because we were driving together to drop off our wedding contract at our venue and we made plans to have dinner together after. Kevin mightve been a little jealous when I dropped him back off at work 😉 We decided to have dinner at the restaurant that is attached to our venue and it was delicious and so much fun to have some time between the two of us. I’m lucky to have the best in-laws in the world…and no, I dont say that because they are reading right now, haha. I’ve said it many times before my blog came into existence 😉 It’s so exciting that now its feeling so much more official..deposits down on the venue and church, now just 1,000,000 other things on the to-do list!

I had already requested Thursday off because I wanted to take the car to get serviced and since Kevin has off on Thursdays, I get to spend a little extra time with him, yay! I went for a 5 mile run in the morning and I felt nice and strong, great confidence boosting run. Afterwards we dropped my engagement ring off at the jewelers to get it resized…unfortunately it was a little too loose on my finger 😦 I was convinced I was a size 7 but turns out i’m really a size 6! I felt so sad to part with my ring for a few days, I cant wait to get it back on my finger…but at least now it will fit properly!

After getting the car serviced we decided to have a later lunch at Maggianos…everytime we are in the area, I always suggest going there. Kevin gets a discount and the food is ridiculously good. We did the meal for two, so we got to have salads to start with:

IMG 4780

You can’t forget the delicious warm bread:

IMG 4779

We also had our choice of their homemade pasta…I had the bowtie with spinach and sundried tomatoes:

IMG 4782

Kevin went for the ravioli…it was SO good, I was jealous when he gave me a bite:

IMG 4781

Also, they give you two pastas to take home with you, woohoo!! (You can guess what i’m having for dinner tonight..)

On top of that, you get dessert. We had the pound cake with ice cream…I always forget how much I love pound cake!

IMG 4783

After all that food, we needed some espresso to survive the drive home:

IMG 4784

It was kind of our only big meal of the day so we feasted…I guess i’m starting the carb loading a little early 🙂 We spent the rest of the night hanging out on the couch watching the Big Bang Theory and X Factor…it was a great day.

Today went by so quickly! I was busy busy at work as per usual but squeezed in some elliptical time on my lunch break. I only have 8 miles on the plan tomorrow…gosh it feels so good to say that!! We are really getting down to the wire here, aren’t we? Its hard to believe i’ll be in Chicago this time next week!!!! 

Happy Friday everyone!

Uncertainty is a weird feeling


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I thought I was going to feel exhausted when I woke up but I wasn’t that bad. I say that because I went to bed later on Sunday (I stayed up watching TV past my normal bedtime, haha) so I felt pretty tired yesterday. I surprise myself sometimes. I headed to the gym but the stairmaster was occupied so I settled for time split between the regular elliptical and the armless one. I was reading the newest issue of Runner’s World on my iPad. I had started it last week and was curious when I was reading the Editors note for the issue. The Editor was talking about an article in this issue that was incredibly gory and scary…it had to do with a vicious dog attack on a runner. As a runner, that is probably one of my worst fears, besides being completely sidelined from running. Dogs are not big fans of runners to say the least. Whenever I have encountered them on my run, I am very careful to not go anywhere near them…I’m guessing its the threat of someone running that bothers them, but a lot of them become vicious. I’ve been bitten by little dogs on my run before because owners havent paid attention and they have been loose, roaming around on the front lawn. That BAFFLES me. The thing is, even being careful does not guarantee my safety and I can say i’ve been lucky to never encounter a dog that was loose that was big enough to do some serious damage. 

Well, I didn’t know how bad this article would get. I would rather not show you any screenshots of the article because I was shocked that they put those gory kind of pictures in the magazine…but this article will give you the basic premise of what happened. I’m not sharing this because I want to make you readers scared of dogs or pitbulls. I’m sharing because it’s such a sensitive topic with people and I’m not sure of how I feel about how they portrayed it in the magazine. The author of the article is quite descriptive…but not in a way that I feel like I agree with in telling this story. It was overly painting the picture rather then sticking to facts. Thats the best way I could describe it. I know many people who are very passionate about the topic of pitbulls. In my personal opinion, I think it really comes down to how the dog is raised and the kind of relationship the dog has with its owner. I know my chihuahua would have no problem biting someone. However, my chihuahua is also 10 pounds and generally not a big threat. In the article, the brothers say that the owner of the pitbulls came out and saw what was happening and did not care one little bit. Its sad to know that it seems that the dogs that were put down were not for sure the ones that had attacked them. I’m just uncertain how I feel about the article…and even though I love Runner’s World, It shocks me how this was put together and put in the magazine…and thats probably the first time that has ever happened to me. Crazy, huh?

In the end, I hope all you runners out there are watchful and as careful as possible. I know me as a runner and dog owner, I am very careful with making sure my dog is never loose and could never get close to someone running outside.

Ok, lets move on to more cheerful topics.

I picked these up today after perusing the Halloween candy in Target…it was a tough decision but my curiousness got the best of me:

IMG 4771

As our nephew would say “DELLLICCCIOUSSS!!” hahaha, I really liked these! Not as good as the Godiva Gem Caramel Apple flavor but still ridiculously enjoyable.

Oh yeah, and I picked up a little treat for Kev too 😉 I think about him sometimes…although lets hope he gets home before I eat them:

IMG 4773

I’ve been feeling pretty off today unfortunately. My partner has been sick at work for the past two weeks and I think that I might possibly be coming down with something but I’m trying my best to fight it. I’ve been taking airborne all day and I’m feeling a little better tonight but I think my best bet is to rest and get to bed early. I have 7 miles on the agenda tomorrow but we will see how I feel in the morning. 

Despite the off feeling…nothing can ruin how good listening to this made me feel today:

IMG 0880

Their new album is amazing, you need to pick it up ASAP!

Sorry this post was so short and foodless…but I was thinking you didn’t need to see my millionth picture of eggs, spinach and an english muffin for dinner. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say!!

So what are your thoughts?

Have you ever read an article in a magazine you loved that made you feel pretty uneasy?

Not gonna miss those 16 milers one little bit


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I never ever thought that I would be dreading my long runs. I was telling Kevin this weekend that i’m completely beat by this point…I’m ready for the marathon to be here already!! I’m just very tired and I am actually looking forward to my taper…it’s gonna be awesome to take a little rest from running so much (Wow, who am I?!) I slept in until 7 am on Saturday and then dragged myself out of bed for my dreaded 16 miler. It went decently but I was nauseous and tired by the end of it…LAST super long run before the marathon and last ice bath until then as well. I was definitely relieved inside to know that my training is finally coming to an end.

For the most part, we sat on the couch for the afternoon eating one of my favorite seasonal candies..

IMG 4766

I used to hate candy corn when I was younger but I lurve it to death now…I love feeling my teeth rotting away as I’m munching on this stuff.

We did semi-productive things…I checked out a nearby garden as a possible location to take wedding pictures but wasn’t very impressed. I also got my car washed…it was begging for one.

My sister finally got herself a new job this week so I decided to make her favorite dinner as a little way to celebrate…She’s in love with taco lasagna so I made us some with ground chicken. Delicious and easy:

IMG 4768

IMG 4769

The best part about this recipe is all of the leftovers it makes…you can guess what I had for dinner tonight? Kevin had it as his dinner last night 😉 I had my wings of course that I brought home with me after watching football…there is always always room in the budget for wings.

Amusingly enough, we had went out to breakfast at the diner around the corner as per usual on Sundays…although its been a while since we’ve gone over there, our weekends have been jam packed for weeks now! We ended up running into Kevin’s sister and her husband so we got to all have breakfast together…too fun!! Random moments like that are seriously the best.

I don’t know why I torture myself buying such items…you know those foods that you really shouldn’t keep around because you just cant keep your hands out of the bag?

IMG 4770

GAHHH buttery goodness, I hate you. Its obvious that I’m totally on a wedding diet, can’t you tell? At least I ran my 5 miles today on my lunch break…no problems running so I can eat buttery popcorn and taco lasagna 😉

My head is all over the place with Chicago coming up and wedding stuff. I’ve been doing research on a gagillion things so my next stop on the list is finding a photographer…on top of that, working on my spreadsheets since I’ll be sending out Save the Dates in November…its all very glamorous and exciting, I can’t even tell you.

In one last bit of news…I’m thrilled to say my fundraising efforts have resulted in raising 3780.00 altogether for LLS. WHAT a crazy and fun ride it has been so far. I’m incredibly touched and moved by the amazing support system of family and friends that Kevin and I have. AMAZING!!!

And here’s to the start of a new week! Tell me about your weekend in the comments!